Alumni Events Funding Opportunity

According to U.S. Embassy data there are currently over 4,500 Moldovan alumni of U.S. government-sponsored programs. The fact that these alumni live in various towns and villages, are of different ages, come from different backgrounds and have different experiences makes networking and exchange of best practices difficult. There is, therefore, a need for events that would provide alumni with a platform and an opportunity to share their success, exchange best practices and strengthen their networks.

The implementing organization will work closely with the Public Affairs Section of the

U.S. Embassy to develop an outreach program to Alumni, with a particular emphasis on the regions.

Program Objectives:

The Alumni Events program will provide a qualified organization funding to implement multiple events over the course of 24 months, where alumni of different U.S. government-sponsored programs, fields and generations will have the opportunity to network and exchange best practices. Proposals can range from formal professional

development to informal networking/recreational events. 

Important! Below is the description of the events the U.S. Embassy is interested for this call of proposals. Where possible, the project activities should focus on the following themes:

  • Democracy Promotion
  • Judicial Reform
  • Combating Corruption
  • Energy Security / Diversification of Energy Supply
  • Building Connections across the Nistru River
  • Developing Moldova’s Economy
  • Online Education

The application must include the organization of two Alumni Congresses in-person or online for at least 150 alumni organized at the end of 2021 and 2022 . The event is oriented to share alumni best practices, inspire and create strong relationships.

The application must include the organization of two Alumni Picnics for up to 300 alumni, in person or on-line in July of 2022 and 2023 to celebrate the American Independence Day.

During the Alumni Congress 2020, six teams of alumni were created, each  group is working on a theme written above. The application must include activities which create opportunities for alumni to continue working in the groups.

The application can include activities that develop alumni skills, build networks, promote volunteerism, create professional development opportunities such as webinars, working meetings, debates, camps, campaigns, projects, etc.

Other activities oriented to boost alumni engagement.

Important! Extra consideration will be given to applications that can involve alumni from the diaspora and from all regions from Moldova. One of the main goals of the program is to attract and engage alumni from various regions of Moldova, especially rural areas. Applicants should propose a feasible strategy that would address this need.

The selected organization will be responsible for program development and overall logistics, including meals, housing, and transportation for out-of-town participants and speakers, as appropriate. All project aspects of the program will be coordinated and agreed upon with the Public Affairs Section from the U.S. Embassy Chisinau. 

The selected organization will be responsible to form its own list/database of alumni, through different types of networking events. The Embassy can not share its database with the selected organization but can inform the alumni community about activities scheduled by the selected organization.

Embassy involvement will include, but not be limited to approving design and format of the programs/events, locations, venues, and scheduling of any programs or events.

Important! Considering current COVID-19 outbreak, please ensure a back up plan to organize all project events in an on-line format as well, if that will be the case.

Applicants are encouraged to develop partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including organizations in the public and private sectors, where applicable.

Strong applications will demonstrate the following:

  • Prior experience of working with U.S. government-sponsored programs and/or alumni, or a strong connection to the alumni community.
  • Experience of working in Moldova’s regions beyond Chisinau.
  • Experience in organizing similar activities.
  • Originality and innovation.


Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement

In a cooperative agreement, the U.S. Embassy is substantially involved in program activities above and beyond routine award monitoring. The Embassy approvers will be either Public Affairs Officer, Cultural Affairs Officer, or the Alumni and Speakers Program Specialist. The implementing organization will work closely with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to coordinate the implementation and design of the events and opportunities from the grant agreement for the alumni of the USG programs from Moldova. It is important that, when possible, any speakers or facilitators are selected from the local alumni community. The Public Affairs Section can assist with the selection to a certain extent, and the Public Affairs Association must approve all speakers, facilitators, etc. before they receive a formal invitation. Embassy involvement will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Approve hiring of project staff members. 
  • Approving and scheduling the design of the project events, locations, venues, agendas, speakers and number of the participants. 
  • Coordinate budget expenses.
  • Provide policy guidance on key themes to be promoted in program development.
  • Provide guidance and oversight on the further development of the program.
  • Provide additional programming opportunities through Public Affairs Programs.

Funding per grant: up to $35,000

Expected number of awards: 1

The Department also reserves the right to award more or less funding as deemed in the best interest of the U.S. Government.

The performance period for funded projects will generally be for up to 24 months.

Recipients of funding under this announcement will be subject to the Department of State terms and conditions and the terms set forth in this announcement. Additional terms and conditions may apply as warranted.


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