English Conversation Club | Countering Gender-based Violence

On May 1 America House Chisinau invites everyone (14+) to another captivating session of the English Conversation Club!
This time, our guest speaker, human rights expert Hannah McMillen, will discuss the global phenomenon of Gender-based Violence.
Did you know that nearly one in three women worldwide experience sexual or physical violence at some point in their lives? Moldova has a strong legal framework to prevent and combat gender-based violence, but the high prevalence of domestic abuse, online abuse, and other forms of GBV indicates a gap between policies and the real lives of women and girls.
In this discussion, we will learn more about GBV in Moldova, what is being done to address it, and how we can raise awareness to protect ourselves and our loved ones and build a safer future.

You can register here: https://forms.gle/g7ab9jej43toEQFh9