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AEC is a sophisticated agriculture development and management company that promotes sustainable food production systems through scientific innovations (https://www.agro-ecosystems.com) based in Bekaa region, Lebanon, which is currently obtaining the organic classification as well as ISO (Management and Practices; Sustainability Farming and Practices), Fair Trade Certification and the Global Gap Certification.

Therefore, the QA Manager's core task is to ensure we adhere with all those classifications and we are always in order to achieve higher merits.

Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  • The candidate must be advanced in English (writing, speaking and reading) as the position is in English;
  • The candidate must hold recognizable Agriculture engineering qualification and is capable in providing full agronomy services; 
  • The candidate should have the expertise in carrying the Organic Classification procedures specifically USDA NOP, so working very closely with the Organic Agency in Lebanon (CCPB) which will guide them extensively on the practices and they must follow that up and ensure all being adhered to accurately; 
  • Work closely with the local ISO granting body to ensure we get the classification on that front too (different classifications we are aiming for);
  • Assist in developing and managing the organic fertigation program for greenhouse business CEA (controlled environment agriculture) and the open field;
  • Maintaining and managing the fertigation program and responsible for the dosing of all the NPK and other minerals as deemed appropriate depending on the crop; 
  • The candidate must have exposure in controlled environment agriculture greenhouses; 
  • Knowledge of Carbon Dioxide enrichment technologies and practices required; 
  • Knowledge of seed breeding and grafting services required; 
  • Duties include but not limited to liasing on different matters with the Ministry of Agriculture and different stakeholders in the country; 
  • Must have good background in farm management including but not limited to layer chicken and lamb breeding.

The position is based in Lebanon, on the farm premises in Bekaa which is ~80km from Beirut. The position is a senior full time basis with great room for development. We are open to welcoming candidates from Moldova or Romania.


NET SALARY: 1000 EURO/month negotiable;

ACCOMMODATION provided (the candidate will be lodged in the hotel nearby);

FOOD provided; 

INSURANCE provided;

1 return ticket home/year provided;

Job location - Bekaa, Lebanon.


Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their CV in English to cristina_gangan@yahoo.com


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