LeaderHR începe sesiunile de mentorat în management - limba engleza. May 25th - June 15th

Improve your Supervisory Skills. If you are a professional that wants to develop your supervisory skills and become better in management, then these sessions are for you. You will learn how to embrace your role, explore the additional responsibilities new supervisors have and how others will expect different things from you. 

We have designed these four mentoring sessions to introduce you to the critical elements of managing people. In the changing workplace environment, leaders, including supervisors, will continue to function in the traditional management roles. In addition to these functions, you will also be required to tackle more employee involvement, more change, and more complexity.

By the end of these sessions, you will develop your supervisory skills in:

• Accountability
• Communication
• Delegation
• Staff motivation
• Organizing skills
• Rewarding people
• Manage for results

More details:

We are using the best materials for this course, created just for you. During the sessions, we will provide you with 5 Minute Briefings, Leader Videos, Checklists, Management Articles, Case-Studies gathered from the best international organizations in our field.

Your trainer is a Human Resources leader with over 12+ years of work experience in the USA, ten years in international management, designing and directing HR initiatives that align people, process and systems with business objectives. Certified Coach and Mentor by Charter Management Institute from the UK. Proud member of ATD (Association of Talent Development), Society of Human Resources Management and CIPD.

Price: 260 euros (includes 4 sessions, 16 hours in total)

So what’s NEXT?

Join the best sessions you’ve ever done!

1st Step: Email us at info@leaderhr.org so we can send you the instructions for payment.

2nd Step: You will receive a registration form and assessment from LeaderHR to assess your English skills and gather more information about your management level. 

3rd Step: If you meet the English requirements, next you will receive a management assignment with the agenda of the sessions. 

4th Step: Get ready to rock at the management sessions :)

Address: LeaderHR, Tighina 11/1 street, Chisinau city, MD 2001. 

Schedule: Four Saturdays 

25.05 10:00-14:15 

01.06 10:00-14:15 

08.06 10:00-14:15

15.06 10:00-14:15

  • More details about the program you can find it here: https://www.leaderhr.org/management-sessions

    Registration ends by May 20th, 2019. Sessions are in the English language. We are organizing only small groups (4-5 people max), so we can spend more time with you. If your English skills are at min B1 level, don’t hesitate to register at the sessions.
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