People in Need Moldova requests offers for developing and delivering a training program for SMEs


Develop and deliver a training program for SMEs in the Edinet Industrial Park, Northern region of the Republic of Moldova.



People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-profit and non-governmental organisation with representative office in the Republic of Moldova. PIN together with local non-governmental organisation ProCoRe and Regional Development Agency North is implementing the project “New impulse for business development in the Northern region of Moldova” in the period 2017 – 2019. 

The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the economy and employment in the Northern region of the country.

The project supports start-ups and business incubators in the region as new potential SMEs or hubs of ideas. It helps creating conditions for closer cooperation among SMEs in the Northern region to achieve better access to local or international markets, to strengthen their position towards governmental institutions and potential customers. SMEs will further have possibilities to create partnership with national and international partners.

The project increases capacities of RDA North and helps them to improve services for local SMEs. Through improved services of RDA, the local SMEs will have better information about legislation, finance opportunities and grant opportunities. During project implementation, regional SMEs have opportunities to meet with international experts, who are providing them with coaching and mentorship in order to accelerate their business or develop their business ideas. Involvement of local authorities ensure access to important business information to rural areas and help to disseminate impact of the project activities to majority of SMEs in the region.

In order to achieve expected results, the project seeks to select a facilitator (or a group of trainers) to contribute to the capacity building to SMEs in Edinet Industrial Park through a thematic training based on Lean Canvas methodology. The aim of these workshops is to increase knowledge and competitiveness of SMEs from the Industrial Park and of interested companies from the Northern region of the Republic of Moldova.


Objective and Expected Results

Develop and facilitate organisation of a training program (ten days maximum) based on Lean Canvas methodology for the SMEs, residents of the Edinet Industrial Park, as well as for the companies from the Northern region of the country.

The training will be conducted during the period of May – June 2019 to at least 15 participants.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing the content and training materials for the workshops;
  • Conducting of 10 days (maximum) thematic training for SMEs from the Edinet Industrial Park and interested SMEs from the Northern region of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Submitting an evaluation report upon completion of the training program.

Expected outputs and results:

  • Participants will be able to apply their new knowledge in conducting their business;
  • Participants will be able to apply with project proposal for an internal pitch competition.


The trainings will take place at the Edinet Industrial Park.


Organisational Aspects

The contractor will work under the direct supervision of the PIN Program Manager. The contractor will work outside the PIN office and will communicate all the related issues via telephone or email.

Within five working days after the delivery of the training program, the contractor(s) shall submit to the Project Manager the electronic version of the Report on the training program. The Report shall include the following:

  • Training Agenda;
  • Concise presentation of the training session’s content and of applied methods, including the most important, attractive ideas of participants on the discussed subjects;
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on lessons learned for future interventions;
  • Training program evaluation forms filled in by participants;
  • Photos;
  • Other relevant materials.


Eligible Candidates

Experienced trainers in business area can apply, preferably familiar with legal aspects of SMEs function in the Republic of Moldova.


Requirements for Financial Offer

The contractor will develop a detailed financial offer in Euro, showing costs per working days. The total assignment should not exceed ten days.   


Specific Requirements for Candidates:

  • University degree in economics, social sciences, education or related fields;
  • Good knowledge of business development in the Republic of Moldova;
  • At least 5 years of extensive working experience in conducting trainings and consulting in delivering training to SMEs;
  • Excellent communications skills;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of Romanian.


Application package will include:

  • CV;
  • Short Training presentation;
  • The list of previous relevant clients (preferably, undertaken in the last 2 years);
  • Financial offer in Euro, indicating costs per working day and indicating the timeline for the whole assignment.


Deadline for applications: May 2, 2019 by COB

The applications shall be sent to the following email address: concurs.moldova@peopleinneed.cz and use subject heading: “Ref. Training program for SMEs”.


Nota Bene!

  • Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be assessed.
  • People in Need may provide to applicants a rejection letter upon request; however, PIN will not provide reasons for rejection.

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