Call for tenders - Child Care Services

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Fora Hvidovre (Denmark) is requesting tenders for child care services during an international exchange of single parents and their children.

The exchange is offering young, single parents the opportunity to take part in an international exchange to support their personal development and active citizenship.

The parents will be involved in daily activities as part of the exchange programme. Fora is searching for offers (from individuals or companies) to care for the children of the parents during the programme, including a programme of play and pedagogical activities for the children.

Location: Vadul Lui Voda

Dates: 04/09/2018 – 15/09/2019

Estimated number of children: 30 (aged minimum 4 years old)

Nationalities of children: Danish, Romanian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Italian, & Georgian

Please send your expression of interest in fulfilling this service provision to, stating at least:

  • A quotation of cost of the service
  • Number of staff to be involved
  • Languages spoken by staff
  • CV’s of staff
  • Proposed programme of pedagogical/play activities for the children
  • Evidence and/or reference of experience

Deadline 18 August 2018

Fora reserves the right select freely amongst the proposals submitted, or to not selected any of the submitted proposals.

Find more about Fora at 

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