Junior EU Centre Coordination Expert

“Strategic Communication and Support to Mass‐Media” Project funded by Europe Union is looking for candidates to fulfill the position of Junior EU Centre Coordination Expert

Duration: June 2019 - December 2019 (with possibility of extention)

General Job Description:

The EU Centre Coordination Expert (EUCCE) will be responsible for the overall management of the Europe Café premises. EUCCE will be overseeing the day to day operations of the Europe Café

  • Coordination of maintenance of the space, assign and monitor administrative and secretarial responsibilities and tasks among the project support staff. Organize office operations and procedure;
  • Managing the Europe Café’s calendar in line with the plans of the TL & Key Expert 2;
  • Controlling the correspondences, design of filing systems;
  • Overseeing all procurement & supply procedures; managing relationships with vendors and service providers;
  • Providing general support to visitors;
  • Participating actively in the planning and execution of project events;
  • Reporting to the Team Leader and Key Expert 2;
  • Create synergies with EU Info Centres and Euro Clubs present in the country;
  • Develop and maintan the EU Communication coordination platform DigiTool;
  • Any other business related to communication and visibility of the project.

Specific Job Description:

  1. Identification of space:
  • Conducting a detailed research on available spaces
  • Preparation of a detailed presentation & a report that will brief the EUD about different alternatives for new Europe Café premises
  • Expand the search further if necessary based on comments and requests of the EUD
  1. After final selection & approval of the space:
  • Coordination of all necessary work such as electricity, water, internet etc. etc.
  • Liaising with the architectural office, ensuring that the premises are designed in a way that reflects EUD’s and TAT’s vision
  • Provision of 3D Models of the designed space for the EUD
  • Upon approval of the 3D Modelling, coordination of the procurement of necessary furniture, office equipment etc.
  • Finalization procedures

Requirements for the Position

1.Qualifications and Skills

1.1 University degree in Management, PR, communication or journalism or work experience work experience of at least  8  years in these fields

1.2 Full computer literacy, outstanding knowledge of MS Office products, excellent presentation skills

1.3  C1 level  knowledge of English, Romanian and Russian

2. General Professional Experience

2.1  At least 10 years of professional experience working within a team

2.2 At least 1 year of experience in EU funded projects, familiarity with PCM is an asset.

3. Specific Professional Experience

3.1  Proven 5 years of experience in office management etc.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their CV and Motivation in ENGLISH and must be received not later than 17:00 (EET) on Friday May 24, 2019 in one separate e‐mail with the subject “Europe Cafe Coordinator" to Ms. Lina Botnaru (lina@commwithus.eu

 For any additional clarifications or questions, please contact via this e-mail address.

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