Your Favorite American Book | Poster Contest

America House invites all book lovers to participate in the poster contest presenting their favorite American book. Participants are encouraged to choose any American book, of any genre or number of pages, and then create a visually appealing poster that captures the essence of the book.

Poster Requirements

  • The poster must be based on a book written by an American author.
  • The poster should be an original design created by the participant.
  • The poster should be no larger than A3 (297 mm x 420 mm).
  • The poster can be created using any medium, such as paint, markers, colored pencils, or digital art software.
  • The poster should represent the chosen American book, including its title, author, and a brief summary of key elements from the story, showcasing the participant's understanding of the book.
  • The poster should demonstrate creativity and imagination in its design and representation of the book.

Deadline: The poster can be submitted in its original format, either paper or digital no later than July 1, 2024, brought to America House, or submitted digitally, in a high-resolution JPEG, PNG, or PDF format via email

Three winners will receive a prize and a certificate. Participants may be invited to present their book on July 5 at America House Chisinau during U.S. Independence Celebratory Week!