UNICEF Moldova LRPS-2023-9185499 Methodology development for the assessment of teachers’ digital competencies and the Digital Technologies Curriculum

UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for Provision of Institutional Consultancy for the development of the Methodology for the assessment of teachers’ digital competencies and the Digital Technologies Curriculum for Teacher Professional Development (TPD)


Purpose of the institutional consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to provide qualified technical assistance to MER in the establishment of teacher training programmes for the enhancement of digital competencies through the development of a Methodology for the assessment of teachers’ digital competencies and the Digital Technologies Curriculum for TPD.


Qualifications and experience


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, development of policy documents in the education sector, guides, etc.  
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in the education sector
  • 3 years of proven experience of work in the digital field with a focus on the educations sector (samples of previous work, copies of report summaries)
  • Strong analytical skills, excellent writing skills and proven track record in developing of structured good quality documents
  • Ability to review documents, collect and analyze information and ensure quality of final deliverables in Romanian
  • Previous work with UNICEF or other UN agencies is an asset  
  • Contractor must guarantee timely delivery of products and be flexible enough to adjust to UNICEF needs and expectations 

Minimum requirements for the team members 

The service provider will provide CVs for all key members corresponding to the following requirements:

Team Leader:

  • University degree in Education, IT, Social Sciences, or another relevant domain
  • At least 5 years of experience in leading and management of relevant professional activities in the education field
  • High level of analytical skills (copies of previous works/projects involving multidisciplinary teams to be provided)
  • Experience in working with the Government of Moldova and/or UNICEF or other UN Agencies will be an asset

Consultants in the team (at least 2 consultants):

  • University degree in Education, IT, Social Sciences, or another relevant domain
  • At least 3 years of experience in designing, managing, implementing, piloting relevant activities in education and curriculum design
  • Experience in working with the Government of Moldova and/or UNICEF or other UN Agencies will be an asset
  • Excellent technical writing skills in Romanian


The submissions should contain two separate proposals: Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal.


Content and structure of technical proposal

The Technical Proposal should include but not limited to the following:  

  • Corporate profile of the organization/institution/agency 
  • Detailed description of the methodology and technical approach  
  • Tentative work plan with timeframe and deadlines for deliverables 
  • Project dependencies, risks and assumptions, as well as proposed relevant mitigation measures 
  • Roles and responsibilities of the institutions/ and consultants, if any; 

 Bidders are requested to back up their submissions by providing:  

  • Evidence in the form of job completion certificate, contracts and/or references.  
  • At least three examples of similar projects/assignments, containing the following:  

Name of Client

Title of the Project/Study/ Assessment

Year and duration of the assignment

Scope of the Projects/Requirements

Proposed Solutions and Outcomes – include visuals, web-links, etc.

Team members on each of the project and their specific roles 

Project timelines (start and end date year, and any other information necessary)  

Reference /Contact person details 

  • Details of the Proposed Team for the assignment including the following information:                                 
  • Title/Designation of each team member on the project  
  • Educational qualifications and professional experiences   
  • Experience in working on similar project and assignment – list all similar projects they worked on and their roles on those projects. 
  • Project implementation plan showing the detailed sequence and timeline for each activity and days necessary for each proposed team member  
  • Quality assurance mechanism, ethical concern and risk mitigation measures put in place 


 Content of financial proposal

The financial proposal shall indicate total budget estimated in USD or MDL, as well as a detailed breakdown of budget items. Payments will be based on outputs, i.e., upon delivery of the services specified in the TOR. 


Submission instructions

  • Bid Submission Deadline: 06 October 2023 11:00 (EET), any Bids received after the Submission Deadline will be invalidated.
  • Bid clarifications. Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by e-mail to Cristina Dorogan at cdorogan@unicef.org. The deadline for receipt of any questions is 4 October 2023, 17:00 (EET).
  • The official address for e-mail submission is: chisinautenders@unicef.orgno other UNICEF e-mails in cc.
  • Please submit your bid by sending 2 separate e-mails/envelopes: one e-mail containing your Technical offer and another e-mail with your Price/Financial offer.
  • Request for Proposals for Services Form (pages 3-5 from the RFPS document) must be filled and signed and included in the Technical offer e-mail/envelope.
  • All Technical/Price Offers files must be included in the email, no external links.
  • Proposals must be clearly marked with the RFPS number: LRPS-2023-9185499 in the email title or on the envelope.
  • Validity period of the proposal must be not less than 120 days.
  • Joint venture/consortium/subcontractor arrangements are addressed in the Technical Proposal.
  • Currency MDL or USD

For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1. Bid Submission Schedule page 7-9 from the RFPS document.

For details on deliverables and minimum requirements please refer to the Terms of References-Annex B enclosed in the RFPS document which is published at: 


The Questions Clarification file containing questions from the bidders and answers from UNICEF is also published at the above mentioned link.