Chemonics International Inc. seeks an Innovation Centers and Programs Manager for the USAID Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA)

Chemonics International Inc. seeks an Innovation Centers and Programs Manager for the USAID Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA)


The Future Technologies Activity (FTA) continues USAID’s legacy of sector competitiveness programming, building on lessons learned and adaptions, relationships, and local partner trust achieved by previous programs over the past 15 years. Building on previous successes in facilitating the development of diverse local partners, FTA uses global market systems framework to continue to build capacity for sustainable, systemic progress while applying best practices to new partners and sectors. FTA co-creates systemic interventions with Moldovan partners to transform selected sectors by applying new technologies, promoting innovation, and integrating with global markets. FTA works in the following sectors: light manufacturing, information and communication technology (ICT), precision engineering, creative industries, and digital media. 


The Innovation Centers and Programs Manager is responsible for managing the development of Centers of Excellence and Innovation including but not limited to institutional capacity building, service provision, industry collaboration, educational programming, and business support. The Manager also co-designs and co-implements other innovation programs with industry stakeholders, government, or other institutions. The manager works with partner institutions to pilot innovations and scale them across the country. 


  • Works with supporting functions and sector teams to manage the development of Centers of Excellence and Innovation including ZipHouse, Artcor, Mediacor, FabLabs, CIRCLE Labs, Balti Regional Technology and Innovation Center, and Future Classroom.  
  • Co-creates and co-implements long-term development strategies with Centers to improve their ability to be hubs of innovation and business development for their target industreis and increase their financial and organizational sustainability. Initiatives included in these strategies may include: 
  • Institutional capacity building via governance improvements, staff capacity building, financial planning, etc. 
  • Service provision for individuals, firms, and students 
  • Go-to-market support for industry firms including marketing, analysis, exchange visits, trade show preparation, B2B opportunities, etc. 
  • Business development support 

Industry collaboration and ecosystem building via events, seminars, conferences, etc.  

  • Professional and higher education programming in partnership with universities, private sector firms, and other workforce development partners 
  • Works with FTA, USAID, Centers of Excellence and Innovation, and other industry institutions and stakeholders to develop and implement innovative programs and initiatives to address industry challenges or promote industry competitiveness, inclusiveness, or resilience.  
  • Collaborates with partner institutions to scale successful innovations and programs to new institutions or other areas of the country; also manages cross-sector collaboration to replicate, adapt, and scale innovations across sectors as identified by the FTA leadership team and USAID. 
  • Provides strategic oversight across Centers of Excellence and Innovation to coordinate initiatives and programs and create complementary and coordinated offerings across industries. Facilitates the creation of cross-industry initiatives and programs as appropriate in cooperation with other FTA teams and industry stakeholders. 
  • Represents the activity with key stakeholders as required, including donors, host government counterparts, project vendors, and other USAID projects 
  • Manages engagement and cooperation with external stakeholders that are involved in industry development activities 
  • Facilitates data collection, monitoring, and adaptation and learning with partners 
  • Participates in initiative, industry, and project level collaboration, learning, and adaptation and contributes to activity reporting and annual planning 
  • Performs other duties as necessary or assigned  


  • 6 years of experience managing programs including planning and budgeting, implementation, and monitoring performance  
  • Technical experience working in fields such as ICT, media, creative services, engineering, education, light industry, or other related areas  
  • Degree in related field 
  • Demonstrated experience working effectively with various industry stakeholders including the private sector, academia, the Government of Moldova, donors, and others 
  • Fluency in Romanian and proficiency in English preferred with excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Experience implementing donor-funded programming preferred 
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity 

Interested candidates can submit the CV by January 10 on