Capacity Development Consultant

Capacity Development Consultant

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is currently implementing the Advancing Quality Education and Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All Project that requires the services of an Capacity Development Consultant to develop and coordinate the implementation of a capacity building programme to prepare teachers and managers in 10 selected model schools to facilitate change on a personal, classroom, and school level and develop education strategies to address the changing landscape of teaching and learning. The Consultant will support school managers and teachers (with specific focus on teachers of sciences and STEEAM) to apply innovative approaches to new contexts, use new educational technologies and develop their own digital educational resources, adopt new pedagogical approaches, cultivate educational leadership and change management, in order to improve pupils’ learning outcomes and satisfaction at school.

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks and activities:

Professional development of teachers and managers

  • Conduct a mapping of existing relevant training programs for teachers on STEEAM educational model andrelevant training programs for managers accredited in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Analyze the data on the PISA 2022 results in science and make recommendations for the areas of improvement feeding into a comprehensive capacity building plan of science teachers;
  • Carry out and assessment of the current practices of teachers’ annual appraisal and individual professional development plans of science teachers of the 10 model schools and provide recommendations for the general capacity building plan for these teachers;
  • Develop and carry out a teachers survey (views on students learning and well-being at school) and student survey (asking their opinion about learning, visions of learning science subjects and their well-being) that would identify strengths and areas for improvement, including area for professional development of teachers and of school mangers.
  • Draft a capacity building plan based on the professional development needs of teachers, on the students’ needs, on the gaps identified in the results of PISA 2022 analysis of students results in science and by integrating the STEEAM model of teaching.
  • Design a capacity building programme and curricula for teachers in 10 model schools, with focus on digitalization and STEEAM, and coordinate it with the main stakeholders.
  • Coordinate the establishment of a community of practice of science teachers of the model schools, where they can meet and share their best practices and upgrade their skills in a collaborative environment;
  • Based on the lessons learned and programme results, support the designing of a training curricula and educational resources package for National Institute of Education and Leadership (INEL).

Digital lessons plans and other digital educational resources

  • Support the development and ensure the quality of the digital educational resources for science subjects (short term teachers plans) for upper secondary level using STEEAM model of teaching, that would address all students’ needs, including those lagging behind;
  • Support the establishment of a collaborative group of math/chemistry/biology/physics teachers of model schools that would work on the digitalization of their short-term lesson plans, through regular meetings and mentorship

Other administrative tasks

  • Assist the project in the organization and coordination of training sessions, study visits, thematic events, mentorship activity, and peer-to-peer learning sessions for teachers and managers.
  • Design a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning matrix, review and analyze progress of the capacity building programme implementation regularly, and undertake mid-term and final progress assessments.
  • Perform other relevant activity-related tasks, as requested by the Project Manager, for the successful implementation of the assignment.


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