Analyst Position - Cilc Haga Sucursala din Republica Moldova



In 2021, the government of the Republic of Moldova started the justice sector reform, aiming to ensure integrity and accountability of justice sector stakeholders and to increase society’s trust in the justice sector. As part of the justice sector reform, the government decided to conduct an extraordinary vetting exercise of judges and prosecutors, to improve the integrity in the justice sector.

This vetting process is a unique endeavour for the Moldovan society. It is a thorough and tough process that can happen only once in a good way. It asks a lot of society: there might be temporarily limited capacity in the justice sector, and it can have substantial consequences for personal careers. Yet it is also a historic process, that works towards the betterment of the Moldovan justice sector and will therefore have positive impact on Moldovan society in the end.

Subject to the adoption of necessary legislation in Moldova, this vetting process takes place in three steps with three commissions:

Commission 1: the pre-vetting. This Commission started its work in 2022 and focuses on pre-vetting the candidates to the Superior Council of the Magistracy and the Superior Council of Prosecution. The pre-vetting procedures are ongoing.

Commission 2: the vetting of judges. This Commission is expected to start its work in Spring/Summer 2023 and focuses on the vetting of judges.

Commission 3: the vetting of prosecutors. This Commission is expected to start its work in Summer/Fall 2023 and focuses on vetting the prosecution service.

Each Commission consists of three international members and three national members, and is supported by a Secretariat, comprising analysts/investigators and support staff (administrative, PR, ICT, translators/interpreters).

The Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) is assigned by the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to facilitate the Commission on the vetting of judges (also known as ‘Commission 2’) and its Secretariat. CILC is now starting to build a team of professionals to staff this Secretariat. This call for experts aims to create a shortlist of motivated and qualified people for the following position of ANALYST/INVESTIGATOR:

Analysts form the core of the Secretariat. As an analyst you will  investigate the backgrounds of the people that are vetted. For the Secretariat, CILC is looking for a diverse range of analysts/investigators, with legal knowledge/skills, financial knowledge/skills and asset analysts. For an analyst, having strong analytical skills and solid writing skills are the most important qualities. The analysts will report to the Commission, the Head of Secretariat and the Senior Analyst.

The analysts conduct and compile integrity (background) checks, including but not limited to:

  • Analysing candidates’ financial circumstances, declarations, including the five-year declaration submitted in the vetting context;
  • Researching and compiling relevant open-source data regarding the vetting candidates;
  • Analysing other sources of information submitted by public and private parties regarding the vetting candidate, relevant for integrity assessment;
  • Drafting, including in cooperation with co-workers, individual integrity assessment reports for review by the Commission members;
  • Drafting interim and final reports for review by the Commission.

As an analyst/investigator, the following criteria make you eligible:

  • Higher education degree; Degrees in law, finances, audit, accounting, public order may be considered an asset;
  • Have 3 or more years of professional work experience. Experience in tax investigation, foresing accounting, audit, financial analysis, legal profession/justice sector, integrity, anticorruption or criminal investigation is an asset;
  • Affinity with the legal context of the vetting process;
  • Some experience in drafting analytical texts and/or judicial decisions;
  • Highly organised and detailed-oriented, able to work in a high-performance environment;
  • Able to work within strict working procedures, handling data in a secure and meticulous way;
  • Ability to communicate at a high level, both orally and in writing;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Good written and spoken English (at least at C1 level of CEFR) and native Romanian.
  • Person of the highest personal and professional integrity.

Please include a short explanatory note with your motivation for this position to your application.

  1. General conditions for the position

Applicants should be aware of the following: 

  • Only Moldovan nationals are invited to submit an expression of interest.
  • The position is fulltime.
  • Project duration April 2023 – March 2025.
  • Probation period – 3 months.
  • Moldovan nationals offered a fulltime position may take a leave of absence and/or suspend their contractual obligations from their current Moldova based employer for the duration of this contract, but may not be actively engaged with, nor paid by any other organisation during the contract period.
  • Remuneration is based on a CILC salary and service delivery grid specifying the scales per function. Actual remuneration will be based on the qualifications and experience of an applicant in line with the salary grid and employment/assignment policy of CILC.

The monthly remuneration for this position is up to 6300 Euro brutto. 

  • When contracted, signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and abiding by the Code of Conduct for Secretariat staff is mandatory. This means amongst others no engagement with political parties/events and modest behaviour.
  • CILC welcomes applications from candidates who fulfil the specific profiles, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief or sexual orientation.
  • Procedure for application and selection

Expressions of interest can be submitted via email only via  The deadline for submitting the applications is 03 of  december 2023. Applications submitted to other mail addresses will be excluded from consideration. Required documents include: 

  • Current CV – in English.
  • Contact data of professional references including name, title, email address and phone number.
  • A signed declaration on honor (see attached).

Please include in the subject of the email for which position you express your interest. 

For each position, CILC will choose from the pool of expressions of interests the people who fit the positions best, against the criteria of: 

  • Level of professional knowledge and experience
  • Level of professional skills/capacities

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an (online) interview. A background check will be part of the recruitment procedure. 

  • Exclusion criteria

By signing the Declaration on Honour, you declare not being in any of the below situations: 

  • Have been sentenced by final judgment on one or more of the following charges: participation in a criminal organization, corruption, fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, terrorist offences or offences linked to terrorist activities, child labour or trafficking in human beings;
  • Have received a judgment with res judicata force, finding an offence that affects their professional integrity or serious professional misconduct;
  • Do not comply with their obligations as regards payment of social security contributions, taxes and dues, according to the statutory provisions of their country of incorporation, establishment or residence;
  • Have been involved in mismanagement of public funds;
  • Are or appear to be in a situation of conflict of interest;
  • Are or are owner(s) or executive officer(s) in legal persons included in the lists of persons or entities subject to restrictive measures applied by the European Union (available at