Security and Access Manager (SAM) Moldova Cross-Border Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania

Security and Access Manager (SAM) Moldova Cross-Border Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania


Security and Access Manager (SAM) Moldova Cross-Border Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania

World Vision International is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision - Moldova Office is looking for a highly qualified and motivated person for the position of Security and Access Manager (SAM) Moldova Cross-Border Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania.

Job Purpose:

Security Management:

Security & Access Manager (SAM) is responsible for the oversight of security risk management & WV UCR –Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania cross-border (XB) operations under the direction of the UCR Security Director in close liaison with the designated Response Director, and consulted coordination with Operations Director. The (SAM) is responsible for the mitigation, preparation for and minimization of personal and operational risks within WV UCR –Moldova cross-border operational programming into Ukraine (Chernivtsi) – Area of Operational Activities. The role ensures safety, security and protection of staff & assets, appropriately addressed within the armed conflict context of Ukraine (Chernivtsi) Crisis. The (SAM) liaises and coordinates with the Partnership’s security network, represented by the WVI Security, Safety & Resilience (SSR) Middle East and Europe Regional Office (MEERO) unit on global and partnership-wide crisis response security issues as they impact the Ukraine (Chernivtsi) Multi Countries Response strategy.

Cross-Border Access Management: Ukraine (Chernivtsi)

The SAM The position supports the development of operational security cross-border capacity, engagement with different stakeholders/partners towards coordinated means of de-confliction, and humanitarian notification mechanism. He/she oversees the establishment and maintenance of humanitarian operating space within WV UCR - Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania operational areas. The position supports operations and program departments in evaluating cross-border and access constraints for all WV UCR – Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania activities. The SAM will maintain, improve and expand principled humanitarian access through liaison, analysis, monitoring, reporting and training in support of WV UCR intent to reach the most vulnerable children and their communities. The SAM is required to closely coordinate with the UCR Risk & Compliance function which is separate from Security & Access Management and reports to the UCR Security Director.


Strategy Development

  • As directed, support in the development and implementation of the WV UCR security management strategies as directed by .
  • Collaborate with RSD to ensure that the World Vision International Security Risk Management Framework is appropriately aligned within the scaling phase from WV UCR – Senior Leadership’s priorities across operational locations.
  • Ensure security management procedures are in alignment with WVI Security policy and international best practice.

Operational Security Risk Management

  • Assess program and implementing partners’ activities and their impact on staff security and make recommendations to reduce staff vulnerability.
  • Monitor the security environment and make recommendations to adjust the security policies and procedures accordingly. Maintain and review the incident reporting and mapping system. Ensure that up to date incident map is available for all WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania staff on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that regular security meetings are conducted with relevant WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania staff.
  • Produce weekly and monthly security reports, review any incidents affecting cross-border and inside Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania sites, summarize relevant external SitReps, and analyse/verify security/social/political/ economic information from the wide range of information sources available that may impact the operation of WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania programs inside Ukraine (Chernivtsi).
  • Ensure that all incidents are reported, analysed and actions taken where necessary. Implement incident tracking system.
  • Ensure that the WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania Security Management Plan and relevant Annexes are reviewed and updated on a regular basis and consistent with World Vision International standards; ensure that all staff are familiar with its content and agree to abide by its policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) relating to safety and security are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
  • Develop contingency plans, ensuring that staff understand their roles in an emergency and that WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania has the resources to carry out the contingency plans.
  • Ensure that security information is updated and accessible on the shared drive (Shepherd+).
  • Strengthen and apply office and residential facilities’ security standards and selection procedures; strengthen and apply facility access procedures.
  • Ensure that appropriate fire safety equipment is in place in offices, compounds and vehicles. Ensure that staff are aware of what to do in the event of a fire.
  • Ensure that all vehicles have the necessary safety and security equipment.
  • Update the security induction materials on a regular basis and provide inductions to all new staff and ensure that all new employees, international or national, receive appropriate security orientation within 48 hours of arrival in the field.
  • Identify trainings that are appropriate to the needs of WV UCR Moldova/Ukraine (Chernivtsi)/Romania staff and maintain a database of security trainings undertaken by individual staff. These trainings include, but are not limited to, personal safety, first aid, mine risk education, driving and journey management and security management.
  • Attend security coordination meetings and report back to the WV UCR Security Director, and Response Director on relevant information.
  • Assess communication equipment in each field site to ensure that it is adequate, in working order, kept in accessible and secure locations and that staff are trained on the various forms of communication available to them.
  • Visit field sites on a regular basis and provide assistance reports at the end of each trip.
  • Make available to participate in project proposal stage to assure that safety and security budget allocation is put in the proposed budget for each programming development/proposals.
  • Cooperate with technical advisors to put measures in the programs for the safety and security of female staff in the field sites
  • Develop contacts and information gathering systems amongst UN, NGOs, and INGOs, government agencies and embassies and share security information with them on a regular basis.
  • Carry out bi-annual threat assessments at field sites or upon significant context change.
  • Maintain an Emergency Contact database with up to date information for all staff.

Access Management

  • Support the National Security Coordinator or Field Security & Access Officer (FSAO) where deployed within the response as well as program teams in the design of operational strategies for the opening of new project and/or operating area including with actors’ mapping, access management and engagement strategies.
  • Develop ongoing relationships with local authorities, State and Non-State armed actors and other power brokers within the operational area;
  • Develop and regularly update internal maps on government and non-government controlled, frontlines/combats zone, safe, insecure, and access constraint areas.
  • Work to ensure that WV UCR, its mission and work in the areas of operations is known and accepted;
  • Provide technical input and advice in assessments to consider new programs in new geographic areas.
  • Support the management to develop and implement community engagement strategies that promote acceptance and access.
  • Provide recommendations to WV UCR staff as to ways in which they can effectively reach out to, gain acceptance from and improve their image in host communities.

Facilitation of Humanitarian Access

  • Facilitate the development of an access strategy and framework for the response program;

    • In close collaboration with WVI SSR MEERO, develop a security-training plan and implement the same, providing training to
    • Identification and establishment of early warning systems.
    • Emergency evacuation and contingency planning, hibernation strategies and medical response planning.
    • Orientation and briefing of new national and international staff on WV UCR security policies, regulations and operating procedures.
    • Training in the use of HF/VHF radio and satellite communications.
    • Ensure First Aid and CPR training are provided as required.
    • Participate in WVI training programs offered by WVI SSR.
    • Facilitate training for defensive and rapid diversion driving skills for all WV UCR drivers.
    • National and international staff which includes but not limited to:
    • Personal and corporate security as per WVI Corporate Security Guidelines and policies
    • Guide WV UCR staff on how to complete WVI SSR on-line security courses.
    • Maintain current qualification in Crisis Intervention Stress Management so as to assist with Staff Care in emergency situations.

Human Resource Management

  • Ensure that security staff are trained and are competent to operate equipment and overall job function.
  • Develop the capacity of staff in the Security Unit through working closely with the P&C on staff development through effective coaching, mentoring and performance management processes.
  • Prepare a security orientation document / briefing and ensure all new incoming staff and visitors are briefed upon arrival in alignment with CSR for High Risk Rated contexts.
  • Coordinate closely with People and Culture Department (P&C) on stress management caused by security incidents.
  • Support P&C in the due diligence process for staff recruitment, advise on accessibility criteria for positions operating in isolated areas.

Knowledge Management

Participate in the process of continuous learning on international best practice in security management & analysis and identify tools and processes that can be implemented into WV operations globally.

  • Encourage mutual learning on security management issues within the region and globally.


  • Support activities that will enrich and develop World Vision’s Core Values;
  • Practice an inclusive leadership style that will be a role model for staff, peers and others.

Perform any other tasks assigned by the UCR Security Director and/or Response Director



 Required Professional Experience

  • Previous experience in the professional security arena (INGO, Corporate, Military, Law Enforcement, or Emergency Services
  • Sound knowledge of INGO security practices with proven experience in Security Risk Assessments (SRA), Civil Military Coordination, Access Negotiations with Armed Actors, Security Planning and Crises Management in the humanitarian context.
  • 5+ years in a relevant security management role in International Organizations/Agencies and/or INGO, Private or Government Sectors.
  • International security management experience in humanitarian disaster responses.
  • Assist in the facilitation of and coordination of global security information sharing forum/network that promotes the embedding of security information management into all layers of WV’s programmes.
  • Facilitate the documentation of best practices and contribute to the community of practice and centre of excellence

    Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree in Security Management, Risk Management, Strategic Studies, International Relations or Emergency Management. (General Management studies also considered);
  • Internationally recognized qualifications in Operational Security Risk Management or Business Continuity would be an advantage.

    Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Relevant bachelor’s degree in Security Management, Risk Management, Strategic Studies, International Relations or Emergency Management. General Management studies also considered; or
  • Previous experience in the professional security arena (INGO, Corporate, Military, Law Enforcement, or Emergency Services).
  • Sound knowledge of INGO security practices with proven experience in Security Risk Assessments (SRA), security planning and crises management in the humanitarian context

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel internationally and within Ukraine (Chernivtsi) up to 40% of the time.
  • Must be prepared to travel to ‘high risk’ security environments at short notice.

Physical Requirements

          • Will be expected to manage high stress security events.
          • Flexibility in work hours is expected.

Language Requirements


Ukrainian or Russian


Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only

Only short listed candidates will be contacted

Mode of Application:

If you are interested in this position, to apply, please register at:

No information inquiries will be handled over the phone. Only short-listed candidates will be notified for the interview. The deadline for application is May 31,  2023.

As a Child focused organization, World Vision is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks.

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