RFQ-2024-036 - Film Park Feasibility Study

RFQ-2024-036 - Film Park Feasibility Study

Dear Offeror,

The Future Technologies Activity Project is a program Funded by USAID and Sweden and implemented by Chemonics International in Moldova. The goal of the Future Technologies Activity is to enhance the competitiveness of Moldovan transformative sectors, including light manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), precision engineering, creative industries, and digital media production, and to improve the country’s integration with Western markets in these sectors.
The purpose of this Request is to solicit quotations for the development of the Film Park Feasibility Study, and the Action Plan for the creation of a Film Park, which must take into account current practices and trends.

Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than 14.00 local Chisinau time on March 20, 2024 by email to ftaprocurement@chemonics.md

Pre-bidding Conference:  A mandatory pre-bidding conference will be held offline on  February 29, 2024, at 14.00 local Chisinau time, at FTA premises (55 Maria Cebotari street, Chisinau, Moldova).

Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 14.00 local Chisinau time on March 07, 2024 by email to ftaprocurement@chemonics.md.

Please find for reference RFQ 2024-036 by accesing the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1paiMWlExgbXlxrV07QMDMemi9hxKEPiM/view?usp=sharing


With best regards;