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Call for Participants for the "Training of Trainers of EaP Youth Workers Academy"

📣CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS for the "Training of Trainers of EaP Youth Workers Academy"

Period of the project: June 2020 – June 2021

Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth – Eastern Partnership – Civil Society Fellowship for Youth

The aim of the project is to increase the quality of youth work in partner countries by preparing a pool of trainers who will provide national trainings for youth workers in their countries based on the local needs of youth workers, European best practices and European Training Strategy Competence Model for youth workers. The objectives of the project are:

▪To analyze youth workers’ education opportunities in partner countries and how they cover the competences named in ETS Competence Model;
▪To train 21 trainers for developing national youth work educational training for local youth workers based on ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers;
▪To educate 120 youth workers in partner countries by implementing national training for youth workers based on their needs and ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers;
▪To bring awareness on quality youth work and ETS Competence Model for youth workers;
▪To exchange good youth work practices between Baltic States and Eastern Partnership region.
▪Based on the project experiences, to draft the recommendations for youth work education improvements on national level in six partner countries.

➡Training of Trainers of EaP Youth Workers Academy
The central activity of the project is one-year long international Training of Trainers (EaP T0T).
It consists of 3 international week-long residential seminars in Eastern Partnership countries, 3 international field visits in Baltic States, and 6 local seminars and 6 local training courses for youth workers on national level (one in each partner country). It includes also some individual and group learning in between these events. EaP T0T is unique opportunity to start your career as a trainer on national and international level, become an ambassador of quality youth work in your country and to develop national and international network with your potential partners.

For this one-year long EaP T0T, will be selected 4 youth workers from Moldova, 
To participate in EaP T0T you have to be:
☑resident of Moldova
☑more than 18 years old,
☑actively involved in youth work (as regular volunteer or professional youth worker),
☑with some experience in delivering trainings (implemented at least two non-formal education training activities),
☑interested to become a trainer and an ambassador of youth work in your country,
☑available to take part in all the activities of T0T(see the details below),
☑able to communicate in English.

Erasmus+ Program will cover accommodation and travel costs for international activities. The partner organizations will provide materials and support for local activities. When applying, you commit to take part in the whole one-year long learning process and all training activities. The partner organizations will sign the participation agreements with the selected candidates agreeing on duties and responsibilities. Obtaining a health and travel insurance for international project activities is your own responsibility. For more information about financial and participatory conditions please, contact your national organization.

For to APPLY follow the link and fill the application form:

➡EaP Training of Trainers ACTIVTIES
1) T0T International Seminar 1: me as a learner
◆ Time: 31 May – 8 June 2020
◆ Place: Moldova
In first Seminar, we will mainly focus on such trainer’s competences as learning to learn, understanding and facilitating individual learning process, and communicating meaningfully with others. You will gain basic knowledge of trainer’s work and will assess your trainer’s competences based on ETS Competence model. You will discover creative non-formal education tools and methods and will practice some of them in an international team. You will learn about youth policy process from international to local level. You will find out the learning needs and education possibilities of youth workers in each partner country based on national research results.

2) Local Seminars on ETC Competence Model for Youth Workers
◆ July 2020 – December 2020
◆ Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
As first training practice assignment, you will have to prepare and deliver one of six Local Seminars on ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers (one seminar in each partner country). You will work in your national team of 3 or 4, and will receive the support of partner organizations and trainers. With each Seminar, we expect to reach 50 youth workers in each partner country, 300 in total. Throughout the implementation of these Seminars, you will continue on developing your trainer’s competences and bring the awareness of ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers.

3) Study Visits in Baltic States
◆ September – November 2020
◆ Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania
Participants of the EaP T0T from Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova) will have a chance to take part in one five-day long Study Visit in one of the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). You will explore the best practices and realities of youth work in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania.

4) ToT0T International Seminar 2: me as a creator and facilitator
◆ Time: 20 – 28 February 2021
◆ Place: Ukraine
In second T0T Seminar, we will focus on such competences as cooperating successfully in teams, intercultural competence, understanding and facilitating group learning process and designing educational programs. We will evaluate the results of national seminars, and will work on developing seven-days long training programs for National Training courses of Youth Workers. You will continue working on our personal learning goals and trainers’ competences development.

5) National Training Courses for Youth Workers
◆ March – May 2021
◆ Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
As second training practice assignment, you will have to organize seven-day long training course for 20 local youth workers in your country. You will develop and deliver the training program working in your national team and with the support of T0T trainers and your organization.

6) T0T International Seminar 3: me as change maker
◆ 31 May – 8 June, 2021
◆ Place: Georgia
During the closing Seminar, we will evaluate the results of National Training courses and the whole learning journey. You will have space to reflect on your learning process and achievements, and draft your plans for future. We will also focus on such competence as being civically engaged, exploring possibilities to make bigger impact with your work. We will plan dissemination activities. In this Seminar, you will also get taste of outdoor approach in youth work.

In order to apply to Training of Trainers follow the link and fill de the application form:

📝Application form:
🗓Deadline: 30 of April 2020

For any additional questions and other clarifications please contact us:

MilleniuM Training and Development Institute - Moldova,


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