Health Education HE Program Specialist, Peace Corps Moldova

Health Education HE Program Specialist Peace Corps Moldova

LOCATION:              Based in Chişinău, Moldova

CLASSIFICATION:   Full-time contracted position. Starting annual salary $18,264

CLOSING DATE:      23:59 on Monday, June 24, 2024

The Health Education (HE) Program Specialist (PS) is responsible for assisting the Program Manager (PM) in providing leadership, oversight and management of Peace Corps Moldova’s HE Project as well as programmatic support to Trainees and Volunteers.

Majos Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Support

·         Maintains Project files, including but not limited to: correspondence related to the Project.

·         Assist PM and Director of Programing (DPT) with Project- related meetings, visitors, visit and other project-related travel, documentation, and correspondence.

·         Performs routine translations of documents and conversations in any combination of the following languages: English, Romanian, and Russian.

·         Compiles results of questionnaires, needs assessment, Peace Corps Volunteers ( PCVs) work & vacation schedules, site visits general schedule.

·         Performs other duties as assigned by PM and DPT.

Site Identification and Development

·         Coordinates with host country partner(s) and regional officials, community partners, and counterparts.

·         Works with PCVs, government officials, local administrations, and others in order to identify potential site placements.

·         Evaluates housing options identified by potential partners.

·         Assist the PM to provide the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) with important safety and security-related information including but not limited to site survey forms for community, partner agency, and housing.

·         Keeps and updates mandatory site management documentation.

·         Keeps compliant and updates Site Management Files and update PM and SSM on any changes related to sites or host families for Site Contact Forms.

Volunteer Support and Site Visits

·         Assists PCVs to develop realistic expectations about their role and work in Moldova.

·         Plans and conducts PCV site visits in coordination with the PM.

·         In coordination with PM, provides Volunteers and partners support through site visits, technical support, addressing cross cultural issues, and regular communication.

·         Supports Volunteers regarding community integration, community development and secondary projects in coordination with the PM.

·         Monitors and evaluates the Volunteers’ work and occasionally writes responses to PCVs' work reports.

·         Provides technical assistance and guidance to PCVs as needed as they develop resource materials for projects. 

Administrative Support

·         Translates letters, support and agreement documents for Project, and other documents as needed.

·         Functions as interpreter as needed in meetings with the government officials, partner organizations and host families.

·         Makes appointments with necessary officials and makes arrangements for site visits.

·         Participates in the Integrated Planning and Budgeting System (IPBS) process.

·         In coordination with the PM, identifies, purchases and/or orders, materials for PCV and counterpart use.


·         In coordination with the PM, DPT, and Training Manager (TM) supports the 27-month technical learning including overall training design, flow of sessions, technical competences and sessions design.

·         In coordination with PM, conduct intake and site placement interviews with HE Trainees.

·         Assist PM in designing and implementing, In-Service Trainings (ISTs), and coordinates logistics for project related ISTs with TM.

·         Facilitates some of the technical sessions during technical training component.

·         Identifies guest speakers and external trainers for technical training component.

·         Participates in individual assessment of Trainees and provides feedback to Trainees and (Pre-Service Training) technical group.

Professional Development

·         Participate in in-country and out-of-country training activities provided to PC staff.

·         Keeps up-dated on the development/changes in the Moldovan educational system and National Health Education teaching curriculum requirements.

Occasional Money Handler

The Personal Service Contractor PSC may be requested to courier cash and/or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to PST/IST training site, to courier cash to PC trainees or volunteers.

        Qualifications, skills, and abilities:


Education: Bachelor’s degree in health education, public health, and/or education.


Experience: 3-5 years of work experience in related areas of health education, public health, and/or education is required. Work experience with youth is desired.


Languages: Level 3 (Good Working Knowledge) in speaking/reading/writing English, Romanian and Russian.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, cultural sensitiveness, flexibility, responsibility, and honesty, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, emotional maturity





US Peace Corps

Str. Grigore Ureche, 12

Chişinău, Moldova-2001

Email: (please send as MS Word attachment)

Additional Instructions:

The anticipated contract is contingent on availability of funds, reference checks, successful completion of a background check, and medical examination. Only those invited to an interview will be contacted. Peace Corps reserves the right to not evaluate or to withhold an offer of a personal services contract to an individual that has a history of poor past performance or conduct as a Peace Corps Trainee, Volunteer, or staff member (USDH, PSC, or FSN). Peace Corps reserves the right to withhold an offer of a personal services contract to an individual that is a relative or household member of a current Peace Corps staff member. Individuals who have current or prior connections with intelligence activities or agencies through employment, related work, or even family relations may be ineligible for a personal services contract. The selected individual will be required to follow any workplace health and/or safety rules indicated for their position – including complying with any medical and/or training requirements specified for their position in accordance with public health and/or occupational health or safety policies. Peace Corps will not discriminate against an applicant because of that person's race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older, except when the applicant is beyond the mandatory retirement age in the country of assignment), disability, or genetic information.

Drop-Off: Please leave your resume with the receptionist at the Peace Corps office to the attention of: Heath Education Program Specialist.


                                         Peace Corps Moldova is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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