UNICEF RFP 9162240, Roof renovation works, Ungheni, Moldova

Distribuie prietenilor:

UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their offers for Roof renovation works at “Tereza Sobolevschi” kindergarten, Ungheni, Moldova.

Under the EU4MOLDOVA: Focal regions Programme, funded by the EU, UNICEF Moldova is supporting the Ungheni Municipality to offer access to education to all children between 2-7 years old in the Ungheni neighbourhood of Danuteni, where one of the oldest local ECD institutions is located: “Tereza Sobolevschi” kindergarten. The building has not undergone capital repair works since the establishment. Featuring 1,627 square meters in two floors, the institution employs 54 staff members. Currently 380 children attend the kindergarten, with at least 41 more expected to be enrolled in the upcoming months.

Offers can be submitted hardcopy at 131, '31 August 1989' st., Chisinau, Moldova, or via e-mail at chisinautenders@unicef.org.

Please find the RFP documents including the Terms of Reference, technical design, application forms and detailed information on the proposal submission at http://www.un.md/tnddetails2/2150/

Submission deadline is on 4 November 2020, 11:00. Offers received after the deadline will be rejected.

An online pre-bid conference will be organized on 28 October 2020, from 11:00 to 12:30 (invitation link).

Mandatory site visit is required for all bidders. The site is open for visits on 21 October 2020. The bidders will make own transport arrangements. The institution will not accept visit requests on other dates. Please inform us about your intention to visit the site at rbradescu@unicef.org

Questions from Proposers: Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by email to Radu Bradescu at rbradescu@unicef.org The deadline for receipt of any questions is 2 November 2020, 17:00. The questions received and the answers will be anonymized and posted on the UN.md and UNGM.org webpages this announcement is published on.


Distribuie prietenilor:

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