Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation: Call for Tender Proposals in Local Governance

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The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) through its Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO-MD) based in Chisinau, Moldova, intends to realize a program on strengthening democratic processes and the effective enjoyment of quality public services at the local level.

SDC therefore seeks the services of a competent organisation or consortium of organisations that will be mandated by SDC to develop the preliminary work of the Preparatory Phase, as well as implementing Phase 1 of this project. While the overall project is expected to have three phases over a 12-years period, the selected organisation or consortium will (1) prepare and design the work of the Preparatory Phase and (2) implement Phase 1 of the project that covers the first four years, subject to performance and approval, in collaboration with country-level partners.

Interested organisations and consortiums can access the full tender document issued on 21 June 2018 on the following website: (Notice No. 1025473/ Project ID 172594). The deadline for the submission of complete offers is 10 September 2018.

The selection process is governed by strict tender rules and procedures outlined in the tender document. All potential applicant organisations and consortiums should follow these rules and procedures diligently.

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