Call for Undertaking a Membership Satisfaction Survey for AmCham Moldova

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About AmCham Moldova
Founded in 2006, The American Chamber of Commerce Moldova (AmCham Moldova) is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization. AmCham Moldova received official accreditation and recognition from the US Chamber of Commerce in February 2008 and has since grown to encompass 121 member companies representing a wide range of business and commercial activities.
As one of the 125 members of the International AmCham network, AmCham Moldova connects businesses and business leaders who share the common goal of bringing the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative cultures of Moldova and the United States closer together.

AmCham Moldova is also a member of the AmChams in Europe Network - a network which represents the corporate interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies across Europe and North America.
For more information on AmCham Moldova and its activities, please visit

In the beginning of 2018, the AmCham Moldova Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”) decided to undertake a membership satisfaction survey. The goal of the survey is to measure member satisfaction across all AmCham Moldova activities and to identify members’ priorities over the next few years.
Measuring member satisfaction with the organization is needed for the establishment of a Strategic Plan for AmCham Moldova and effective strategic management. The findings of the survey will inform the Board decisions in the near to midterm.

Objectives of the Survey
The overall objective of the membership survey is to provide independent and impartial feedback on the perceptions/opinions of AmCham Moldova’s members on the following main categories, but not limited to the provided list:
• Satisfaction with AmCham Moldova membership: do members believe AmCham Moldova is achieving its mission and is the organization delivering quality services?
• Are the organization’s internal structure and processes suitable to achieve AmCham Moldova’s mission?
What benefits does AmCham Moldova membership best provide? This category will require a ranking and a benchmark to assess the members’ perception on quality and value of the activities/services offered.
• Assessment of members’ satisfaction with the advocacy activities across the organization, as well as committee-specific (i.e. expectation vs. satisfaction analysis). This section will also determine the causes for unsatisfactory review.
• Assessment of the Board’s and executive team’s professional performance.
• Event attendance rate and satisfaction. Membership suggestions for new event types, topics, formats, venues, speakers or any other event component.
• Satisfaction with online content, informational e-mails and other communication channels used by AmCham Moldova.
• Where possible, comparative analysis of AmCham Moldova and other employers’ organisations according to the above criteria.

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Submission of Proposals
Proposals should be submitted to the address, no later than 15 June 2018 (COB).
Submissions will be evaluated by the AmCham Board of Directors according to their technical and financial strength.
Should you have any questions related to the assignment’s TOR, please contact us by e-mail at, or phone at +373 22 211 781.

While AmCham Moldova thanks all prospective applicants for their interest in this assignment, only short-listed applicants shall be contacted as part of the evaluation and selection process.

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