Moldovan teachers benefit from Education Road Safety Pack

The qualitative road safety education of the young generation is a priority for the Automobile Club of Moldova. In this regard, ACM translated and adapted the RS Education Pack elaborated by Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport to give it the look and feel of a local resource relevant to the issues and challenges children in the country face on the road. The Pack was successfully approved in the national curriculum by the Ministry of Education and is used as informative material by educators within the Personal Development Discipline.

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Along with Pack dissemination, from the beginning of the year, ACM team trained the trainers in using the information provided in more than 50 institutions from the country. Teachers are grateful for the material and highly appreciate the initiative. They are impressed by the new and interactive method of teaching road safety to pupils, especially they like the creative annexes they can use during their lessons and in the institutions’ road safety corner or class.

The Pack is an educational tool to support road safety teaching in formal and non-formal settings for preschool and school-age education. It provides resources to teach pupils the core messages they need to keep safe on the road.

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The Automobile Club of Moldova highly appreciates the support of the Road Safety Ambassador in Moldova – Andrian Candu, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and National Patrolling Inspectorate for their involvement to introducing the Pack in the National Didactic & Curriculum System.


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The launch and publication of the Road Safety Education Pack in the Republic of Moldova was funded by the British Embassy in Chisinau. The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the British Government.