"Acting through Games" Youth Exchange

The Youth Exchange “Acting through Games” took place in Vadul llui Voda, Moldova between 30.10 - 06.11.2016 The project was realized by CODEC vzw from Belgium in cooperation with ADVIT Moldova. The Youth Exchange gathered in one place participants from different countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.

During the project participants shared their knowledge and experience in facilitating domain, they learned all steps in a workshop: from preparation to implementation, with a permanent focus on the expected results. Each participant had also the opportunity to try him/herself as a facilitator in the frames of different session prepared by National Teams in advance. During 6 days of the Youth Exchange participants created a friendly and trustful atmosphere, which made the whole experience memorable.The project was funded by Erasmus+.

Articol adaugat de: Natalia Alexandrov