Academia de Inovare și Schimbare prin Educație (AISE)

Titlul Articolului Data Publicării
Chit-Chat on International Relations and Political Campaigning 02/07/2020
Public leadership. Lessons learned 02/07/2020
Live: Q&A about Independence Day with Julie Anderson from USA 30/06/2020
Virtual 4th of July Celebration: Trivia, Jeopardy & Bingo 30/06/2020
Groovy Mini-Movie & Discussion: What Makes a Masterpiece? 29/06/2020
Webinar repetat: Advocacy 101. Acţiuni pentru a-ți face vocea auzită 26/06/2020
Online: Cum îți conturezi cariera academică și cea profesională 26/06/2020
Online: Cum îți conturezi cariera academică și cea profesională 24/06/2020
Virtual Game On: Mafia. World Ocean Day Celebration 23/06/2020
Groovy Mini-Movie & Discussion. Let's Go Bananas, Like an Artist 23/06/2020
Virtually: Finding the logic in cartoons? Cartoon Myth-busters 23/06/2020
Invitație pentru cadre didactice de a deveni autori de lecții video, Proiectul ”Educație online”, etapa II 22/06/2020
Chit-chat with an American: Morgan Stone 22/06/2020
Virtual Treasure Hunt: Pride Month Special 15/06/2020
Virtually: "Legendary" Film & Discussion with Maxim Cuclev 15/06/2020
Becoming a Successful Leader in a Digital Transformative Era 12/06/2020
Virtually: An Internship at the UN in New York? Yes, please! 11/06/2020
Virtual session: Photoshop - where do I begin? 11/06/2020
Virtually: Archeology and Re-enactement. "What year is this?" 11/06/2020
Facebook Live: Cum poți fi activ ca voluntar virtual 11/06/2020
Webinar: Equity and Inequity - a transformative vision? 09/06/2020
Chit-Chat with Bartosz Gawarecki 05/06/2020
Online Groovy Mini-Movie & Discussion: "Behind the Banksy Stunt" 05/06/2020
Virtual Game On: Cards Against Humanity (Family edition) 05/06/2020
Conversation Club: Racial Wealth Gap 05/06/2020
Virtually: How to ace public speaking with Toastmasters gurus 05/06/2020
Virtual Workshop: Recycle household items in a sustainable way 01/06/2020
Enhance you English skills with virtual Skribbl 01/06/2020
Virtually: Learn Business & Human Resources with Aaron Ratz 01/06/2020
Sesiune virtuală: Educație cibernetică și alfabetizare digitală 28/05/2020
Virtual session: Meet an American with Aaron Ratz 28/05/2020
Webinar: Expand your skills in International Business English 28/05/2020
Virtual Conversation Club: Infodemics? What Can I do ? 22/05/2020
Virtual: Public Speaking and Leadership – a U.S. inspired story 21/05/2020
Virtually: Creative Writing. Stream of consciousness method 21/05/2020
Webinar: Advocacy 101. Acţiuni pentru a-ți face vocea auzită 18/05/2020
Virtual session: Tips to succeed in Hospitality & Tourism 18/05/2020
Webinar: Leadership și flexibilitate – o altfel de abordare 18/05/2020
Virtual Writing Workshop: How to render your characters soulful 13/05/2020
Virtual Workshop: Writing Tools and Hacks 08/05/2020
Virtual session: Tools to Create Video Content for English Teaching and Learning 07/05/2020
Live session : Moldova's growth areas and how they can be monetized 07/05/2020
Virtual session: Public Speaking Online. Is it the speaker or the speech? 07/05/2020
Virtual Workshop: Storytelling. Experiences become artful stories 07/05/2020
StarNet susține proiectul „Educație Online” și include 24 de canale de studii în grila TV 05/05/2020
Virtual session with Vice Consul of the US Embassy to Moldova, David Anderson 04/05/2020
Virtual workshop: The academic essay and referencing styles 30/04/2020
Cinema Talks: Echipa proiectului „People 2 People" 28/04/2020
Virtual Debate: Human cloning should be legalized 23/04/2020
Virtual session: Expand your skills in English - Medical field 23/04/2020


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