Training Course "Hitchhiker's guide to the digital galaxy" 30.11.2019-09.12.2019 | Bakuriani, Georgia

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INVENTO is announcing a call for 3 Moldavian participants to take part in the Training Course "HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE DIGITAL GALAXY" Part 1: Digital Storytelling, which will take place in Bakuriani, Georgia during the 30th of November (arrival day) and 9th of December (departure day) 2019.

Today, social networks dominate over physical or situational shared spaces for intercultural dialogue. Internet has created the situation where time and space have been transformed and condensed that makes our approaches to intercultural relations more slippery than it has ever been. Stereotypes, fake news, “single stories”, offensive language that circulate in the digital world, cause conflicts, injustice and inequality even among the people from the same culture or “area of civilisation”. The cultural frontiers are drastically changing. They go beyond political, religious, linguistic or other forms of institutionalized frontiers and put individuals in the middle of intercultural discourse.

Every day, Europe, just like the rest of the world, becomes more culturally diverse and tense. Enlargements, immigrations, growing nationalism, and acts of violence increase tensions and challenge Europe’s purpose to promote stable, peaceful and tolerant societies in and beyond the Union. It is important to accept and celebrate not only national differences, but also the paradigm of multiple identity of individuals as transcultural agent carriers. It also strengthens the argument of the importance of individual responsibility from one side, and makes individual stories, narratives and sense as an integral part of whole picture.

The development of innovative educational approaches focused on self-discovery and based on creativity, interactivity and peer-to-peer learning is key in encouraging intercultural dialogue and favoring the sound inclusion of young immigrants. It is crucial for youth workers to enrich their toolbox with new methods that not only are attractive to the target group they work with, but also fit the reality they operate in. In this vein, we believe that digital methods are particularly relevant in approaching these issues, fitting the needs of young people and promoting intercultural dialogue.

The digital world is similar to the galaxy in the way of its complexity. We understand that there is not one single approach, one single way to go through the obstacles; however, we believe that storytelling provides us with very delicate tools to make our journey more sensible, reflective and joyful, and that it brings better awareness about ourselves and the world around us.

Profile of participants:

  • Age 18+;
  • Able to communicate in English fluently;
  • Residents in Moldova;
  • Passionate about digital, photo and video;
  • Able to create video using editing program.

Financial details:
The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission:

  • 100% of meals, accomodation, activities costs, material;
  • transport cost up to 245 EUR per participant (the reimbursement will be done after the project)

IMPORTANT: Do not buy or book any tickets until you did not recieve any confirmation of your participation from us by email.

What to prepare, what to bring:

  • Prepare to present you organisation (leaflets, posters, etc.);
  • Sweets and snacks for coffee breaks;
  • Comfortable warm clothes, winter jackets, hats, gloves and proper shoes;
  • Medicine you think you will need;
  • 1 laptop or tablet;
  • headphones;
  • smartphone;
  • your favourite pictures of important moments downloaded on your computer;
  • 1 object which is important to you.

If you're interested in taking part in this project, complete THIS FORM.

For more details read the INFOPACK.

Don't hesitate to visit our site:

The deadline is 30th of October.

Please contact us if you have any queries in the meantime: | +373 68633646

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