Call for Expression of Interest for partnership in Moldova

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Call for Expression of Interest No. HUNBU/MDA/HCR/0102 Refugees and Asylum-seekers in Moldova

The Call for Expression of Interest is open to all existing and/or new prospective partners who wish to participate in UNHCR’s operations in 2020 and participate in achieving common goals and objectives. Based on concept notes received, UNHCR will select the best-fit partner for the relevant sector(s) and area(s). Applicants are encouraged, where appropriate, to submit cover letter and concept notes with wider coverage and focus in terms of activities and objectives, partners capacity allowing. All submissions and annexes should be submitted in English at partners’ portal: If there are technical issues in submitting on the portal, please address your questions to:



UNHCR policy on selection and retention is to ensure that UNHCR partners with the most suitable organization in a given operation for the implementation of projects, in order to provide quality protection and assistance to refugees and other persons of concern. As partners bring distinctive attributes and UNHCR operates in varying environments, it is necessary to identify the Best-Fit Partner. 


Submission of Concept Note 

Interested existing or prospective partners may submit a Concept Note in response to the Call for Expression of Interest. The concept note is to be submitted in line with the provided format (attached to this call). 

The Concept Note is primarily for an agency to express its unique advantage and added value for the Project objectives. The Concept Note is intended to allow the agency to: 

  • Articulate its objectives in undertaking the Project;
  • Briefly describe the implementation approach for realizing the desired outcome of the Project;
  • Demonstrate the unique advantage it brings to the partnership for realizing the desired outcome of the Project; and
  • Demonstrate its complementariness to UNHCR's capacities and resources for the Project.

Therefore, the Concept Note should not be a fully developed project proposal and should be concise, contain clear information and not exceed five pages. Once selected, the agency will participate in the design and detailed budgeting of the Project and concluding Project Partnership Agreement. Prospective partners should be registered at UNHCR Partners portal: and can download after registration the related documents from this link

For queries please send your message to UNHCR RRCE through email:  with the subject: 2020 call for expression of interest – Moldova.

The closing date for this call is 08 November 2019 – any late submission will not be accepted for review. 

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