Senior Attorney, Secretariat, Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee

On Monday, 7 June 2021, President Maia Sandu issued a decree providing the legal basis for the establishment of the Independent Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee, henceforth to be known by its acronym in the Romanian language, CCIA (“Comitetul Consultativ Independent Anticoruptie”).

The CCIA has as its main purpose to analyse systemic issues of corruption that cut across Moldovan institutions, in the expectation that ways and means to improve anti-corruption efforts will be identified and implemented by the relevant parties. The Committee will collect information from a broad range of sources which, to the best of its knowledge, judgment and experience it deems reliable. Once gathered, the facts will be analysed, and the analysis will be used as the basis for recommendations. The Committee will then publish its findings and recommendations; the latter will include which authority is responsible for implementation, together with a realistic timeline. The CCIA assumes responsibility for follow up with regular periodicity on its recommendations with the implementing bodies, to see what progress has been made. It will again make public its findings related thereto, until the recommendations have been implemented satisfactorily or, if not, it will make public the reasons given by the target implementation body, with a CCIA opinion as to the reasons given. This will be an iterative process of indefinite length.

The Expert’s key tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Together with the Director of the CCIA Secretariat, achieve the annual work plan as determined by the CCIA and the Director of the Secretariat;
  • Together with the Director of the CCIA Secretariat, draft the analytical reports which are the main work product of the CCIA, and implementing the activities on anti-corruption related matters as determined in the work plan or otherwise by the CCIA or the Director of the Secretariat;
  • Together with the Director of the CCIA Secretariat, establish and maintain the collaboration with international and local experts involved in the activity of the CCIA, civic bodies, international institutions and relevant authorities;
  • Lead the follow up with the relevant national stakeholders on the degree of implementation of the recommendations provided in the CCIA reports, drafting progress reports every six months following the issuance of each of the CCIA’s major report;
  • Together with the Director of the CCIA Secretariat, organize CCIA online and field missions to the Republic of Moldova, events, roundtables, launchings of reports;
  • Provide professional contributions to sector legal acts and policy documents, rules, regulations and practices and formulate legal opinions, comments and recommendations;
  • Provide expertise and advice on ad-hoc issues related to anticorruption and related matters, monitoring the latest, most important issues in connection thereto;
  • Identify and propose to the Director of the CCIA Secretariat any external consultancy assistance that may be needed to draft the reports or implement the work plan;
  • Draft weekly updates/reports on the most important anti-corruption developments, including legislative and institutional;
  • Draft monthly reports;
  • Participate in advocacy meetings, Working Group meetings, conferences, roundtables;
  • Support the Director of the Secretariat in drafting CCIA work plan monthly progress reports, annual activity reports of CCIA, all donor reporting and other reports as and when the need arises;
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of the Secretariat or by the CCIA co-chairs.
  • The Expert will prepare a semi-annual work plan for him/herself, based on the overall CCIA work plan and for the secretariat more generally, for the approval of the Director of the CCIA Secretariat. She will responsible thereafter for her execution of the personal work plan according to agreed work plan milestones, under the supervision of the Director
  • The Expert’s performance will be supervised by the Director of the CCIA Secretariat, in consultation with co-chairs. Her performance will be evaluated on a semi-annual basis by the CCIA with the contribution from the Director of the Secretariat.

Expected outputs

Substantive contribution and overall support to execution of the work plan, as above, including but not limited to donor reporting requirements (e.g., monthly reports and timesheets, final mission reports, etc.) subject to prior approval and release by the CCIA itself.

Any and all work products derived from the above assignments including specifically, but not limited to the six-month progress reports following the issuance of each major CCIA report, as indicated above.

Final report from the assignment.

Requested qualifications

  • University degree in Law, Political Science or related fields;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Demonstrated written record of strong analytical skills, preferably in English;
  • Proven report writing skills, with demonstrated record of achievement in analytical reports (in English preferable);
  • Computer literacy;
  • Fluency in Romanian and English, speaking, writing, understanding and reading. Similar fluency in Russian a plus.

General professional experience

  • At least 8 years of relevant general professional experience.

Specific professional experience

  • 7 years at least of proven professional, technical experience in anti-corruption or other areas directly relevant to the assignment;
  • Knowledge of international standards in those areas;
  • Understanding of the status quo of any and all reforms and extensive knowledge of the key stakeholders in the operating environment;
  • Excellent knowledge of the rule of law and anticorruption architecture of the Republic of Moldova;

Logistics and timing

Place of work: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Duration of the Contract: September 2023 - December 2024 (full time), with possibility of extension.

Interested applicants must submit their motivation letter and CVs to the following email:

Deadline for application: September 28, 2023, by COB.

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