Policy and Advocacy Manager at Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova

Position / Title: Policy and Advocacy Manager

Report to: Executive Director

Time: Full time

The Organization

Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova(AIM) is a membership-based organization composing of over 80 SMEs. Our mission is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses and those doing business with small & medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Moldova so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper.

AIM announce the open call for policy and advocacy manager 


  • To strengthen AIM’s role as the leading organization representing SMEs by collecting SMEs ' challenges and advocating for better business regulatory reforms.
  • To create grassroots pressure by raising awareness about SMEs issues and importance through strategic communication and consultation support.

Terms of Reference

Currently AIM’s advocacy initiatives are represented by the Executive Director through the Prime Minister’s Economic Council and other state consultative bodies. This position will assist in advancing AIM’s  advocacy Agenda. Specific responsibilities will include:

Primary Duties:

  • Act as a legal watchdog. Weekly monitoring of the legal initiatives of all regulatory bodies: the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Ministries and Government agencies. 
  • Releasing a weekly monitoring report, addressing the main events and related laws/normative documents for the economic sector.
  • Advocacy and policy. Developing policy proposals in collaboration with SMEs members, partners, and the wider Moldovan SME community. Each proposal will describe one challenge the SMEs are facing in Moldova and will propose a solution. Work will include: 
    • Legislative analysis and drafting amendments
    • Impact assessment
    • Regional best practice analysis comparing Moldovan legislation to regional leaders and suggesting best practices to be implemented in Moldova
  • Participation in the public meetings that will address SMEs issues on the Economic Council under the Prime Minister and Consultative Council of SMEs
  • Assist AIM to support and promote the policy proposals and track the progress.

Skills / Experience

  • Passion about economic development, transparency and the future of these issues in Moldova
  • Experience in legislative advocacy work in the Republic of Moldova
  • Background in Law
  • Strong verbal and written skills in Romanian
  • Communicative skills in English and Russian
  • Interpersonal skills - must be outgoing and comfortable networking and making diverse contacts
  • Objectivity - AIM is a non-partisan organization. In order to work in this capacity you must be devoted to representing the interests of AIM and Small Business without political bias or favor 


  • Experience in Small Business issues 
  • A strong personal network in Moldova Civil Society and Government


Email a resume/CV with the title "Policy and Advocacy Manager" to Liliana Busuioc, AIM Executive Director -  liliana.busuioc@sme.md, application deadline is January 22nd.

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