Queer Voices is hiring executive director

Queer Voices is an umbrella for 2 main project:

1. Queer Voices International Film Festival creates for 4 years in Chisinau a platform where queer voices can express themselves and be heard, where we engage artists of various sexual orientations and gender identities in this dialogue, and open a discussion, including queer perspectives in the cultural life of Moldova.

2. Queer Community Café is a safe place in Chisinau for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, those who are still looking for themselves and their sexual identity, for allies, family and friends. Everyone who wants to get involved in its creation is welcome to come up with their ideas – from decorations, to renovations, from exhibitions, to workshop and performances.

We are looking for an executive director with a background in LGBTQI+ related subjects who would co-coordinate different departments of these two projects.


- Ensuring the fulfillment of the purpose and objectives set from the beginning of the projects

- Project coordination and monitoring, including through a digital task manager

- Searching for new talents and including them in the Queer Voices team

- Communication with authorities, state institutions and international partners

- Managing the general project budget

- Communication with civil society, NGOs and agents of change for the queer community

- Ensure the respect and proper use of the resources and equipment 

- Ensure each member of the team is following the Code of Conduct


Queer Voices structure

The arrangement is not hierarchical. The organization is managed according to the principle of horizontal management.

- General director

- Executive director

- Communication coordinator

 - Programme coordinator

- Community Manager

- Financial Administrator

- Logistics coordinators

- IT specialist

- Cafe administrator



- Project management 

- Knowledge of the LGBTQ+ Moldovan context

- Part of the queer community (including ally)

- Experience in communication with local authorities/institutions

- Good knowledge of Romanian and English (preferably also Russian)



- Leadership

- Teamwork and team leadership

- Decision making and problem solving

- Achieving results

- Planning and organizing

- Effective communication


Position info: 

- You can manage your own time as long as you achieve the results of the project. 

- The salary is discussed at the interview

- The person has 3 months period of adaptation, they will be guided by the general director and other team members


In order to apply please send your CV to the following mail addresses: office@moldoxassociation.com / and info@moldoxfestival.com .

Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded.


Moldox association is the organization that created and implements the projects mentioned above. Moldox association promotes human rights and active participation of citizens and community actors to the identification of problems and solutions in the community where they live.

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