U.S. Embassy is hiring Supply Clerk


Responsible for conducting on-site inventories of United States Government (USG) owned furniture, furnishings and appliances located in USG owned and leased residential properties.  Incumbent verifies the location and condition of items, conducts cleaning inspections, notes the overall appearance of properties, reports excess damage or loss, and drafts check-out inventory memoranda to the General Services Officer (GSO).  Conducts the annual chancery, warehouse, expendable office and maintenance supply inventories, and the Office of Building Operations (OBO) inventories of representational residences.  Assists with the administration of disposal sales and year-end reports, ensuring that the USG Property Management regulations are complied with.  The incumbent is responsible for issuance of nonexpendable items, preparation of movement reports after receipt of approved requisitions, work order or other documents. Position holder also serves as a backup Receiving Clerk.


Qualifications and Evaluations


EXPERIENCE: A minimum of two (2) years of experience in supply/warehousing/expendables or property/supply management is required.


JOB KNOWLEDGE: Must have good understanding of supply chain management and warehouse operations to include receiving, inspecting, tracking, storing and issuing of supplies. Must have good knowledge of computerized inventory and stock control data programs.

Education Requirements:

Completion of high school education is required.


LANGUAGE:  Level III (Good working knowledge) speaking/reading/writing English is required. Level III (Good working knowledge) speaking/reading/writing Romanian is required. Level III (Good Working Knowledge) speaking/reading/writing Russian is required.  (This may be tested.)



    1. Must have computer competencies including basic skills in Microsoft Office applications, and related software as required, and basic math skills.
    2. Must have working knowledge of inventory management tools such as handheld scanners and software.
    3. Must be a self starter.
    4. Must have the ability to project long term (4-8 months) supply needs.
    5. Must have good customer service skills.
    6. Must be able to lift a maximum of 51 lbs. (23kg) under OSHA standards.
    7. Must have type "B" local driver's license. Must have had driver’s license for a minimum of five years. (This may be tested)

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