ABA ROLI Moldova is hiring a full-time Junior Staff Attorney

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 ABA ROLI Moldova


 Junior Staff Attorney

Application deadline:

 November 1, 2020

Employment period:

 12 months

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Moldova (ABA ROLI Moldova) is an international organization implementing technical assistance programs with the support of the USA State Department. ABA ROLI Moldova works to promote and help implement justice sector reform by providing assistance to justice sector institutions.

The junior staff attorney will get first-hand impression of the day-to-day working environment of an international NGO working in the justice sector reform and will have the chance to participate in our seminars, conferences, workshops and various networking events, work with national and foreign justice sector stakeholders and international experts. The selected person may be assigned to perform more complex duties depending on the level of skills proven.


  1. Fluent in Romanian and English;
  2. Primary law degree from a fully accredited law school. Masters Degree or LLM will strengthen Your application;
  3. Good knowledge of Moldovan legal system;
  4. Prior experience in the justice sector or CSOs is preferred, but not essential;
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  6. Strong organizational skills;
  7. Team player and ability to tolerate stress and maintain composure under pressure.


  1. Work with ABA ROLI senior staff to develop and implement programs;
  2. As requested, contribute to monthly and quarterly reports and work plans;
  3. Assist in/prepare legal trainings, train-the-trainer workshops and informational/practice guides for representatives of the legal community (to include logistical arrangements, preparation of substantive materials, and oversight of other local services providers);
  4. Monitor legal developments, including significant newsworthy items affecting the judiciary, prosecution, the legislature, lawyers and human rights, and report them to Country Director;
  5. Translate and interpret at meetings, trainings and seminars when needed;

Deadline for applications: November 1, 2020. Only those candidates selected for the interview will be contacted.

If You are an engaged person, willing to do your best to help ABA ROLI achieve its goals, if You thrive in an environment of diverse activities, if You embrace tolerance and equality, are open-minded and bold, please send your application containing an up-to-date Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae to office.moldova@abaroli.org

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