Ultra Fog is looking for an Electrical Engineer

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Ultra Fog is looking for an Electrical Engineer:

Duties and Abilities:

-Carrying out annual service on Ultrafog supplied fire suppression systems, including but not limited to, high-pressure water systems, galley duct and fat fryer protection systems.

-Must have an understating of electrical and hydraulic drawings, including General Arrangements, PID and electrical schematics.

-Have the confidence to work both alone and as part of a team.

-Be computer literate with regards to Microsoft Office software.

-Have a working knowledge of PLC’s and their programming (Mitsubishi would be preferred).

-A large amount of customer and authorities contact is required, so good communication skills are essential along with excellent command of English, both spoken and written.

-You will also be required to submit service, commissioning, and time reports in real-time.

-Have the ability to work to tight deadlines and international rules and regulations.

-Have a full driving license and international travel documents.


Physical Demands:

You must be physically fit and be able to perform the following works:

-Service of heavy hydraulic pumps and piping.

-Handling of gas and water cylinders safely. (120 Kgs)

-Be able to work in confined, tight or space limited areas.

-Be comfortable climbing, descending ladders, and other structures.

-Be able to access gangways and other forms of vessel access.

-Have no issues with the wearing of PPE.

-Have generally good eyesight if glasses are required these must be worn.

-Be able to handle heavy tools if difficult locations.

-Be able to travel long distances by plane or other transport.

Please send your CV to Mihaiela Bocancea on mihaiela@ultrafog.com.


Distribuie prietenilor:

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