LED Moldova is looking for a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Expert (Short-term consultancy)

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Terms of Reference 

For contracting a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Expert


Title of assignment: Strengthening the capacity of LED partner organizations in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Timeframe: June/July 2020 - April/May 2021

Expected working days: Approximatively 20 days

Deadline for applications: 20 June 2020

Language: The services will be delivered in Romanian language. The expert is expected to be able to read and use literature and reference materials in English.

Contacts:  info@led.md; (+373) 22 901 801



Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) is a private-law foundation of the Government and the civil society of Liechtenstein. Mandated by the Government of Liechtenstein, LED implements, coordinates and supervises the bilateral development cooperation of Liechtenstein. In Republic of Moldova, LED strives to contribute to the diversification of the education offers for young people, tailored to developing relevant skills for a decent income, an increased personal wellbeing and inclusive social participation. For more information on the activity of LED, visit the website www.led.md. LED is funding and supporting projects that align with national priorities and LED country strategy for Moldova.

Currently, LED is supporting 7 partner organizations with varying practices of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL). LED Moldova is looking for an expert who will develop and implement a capacity building intervention on MEL.


The purpose of the assignment is to support partner organizations (POs) in improving their MEL system for the LED-funded projects. The expert will provide technical expertise with a focus on the provision of hands-on support with recommendations for integrating MEL into the project cycle management of POs. The expert is expected to:

  • Draft a capacity building intervention plan.
  • Conduct a series of learning opportunities to improve application of MEL tools and processes.
  • Support the POs in advancing their thinking and practice around MEL.


The expert will draft an intervention proposal that will define the types and number of inputs necessary for accomplishing the stated purpose. Importantly, the proposal shall consider a blend of learning events with a focus on how learning will be encouraged, applied and how feedback will be given. The suggested proposal and methods will be discussed and agreed with LED Moldova.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Upon agreement with LED Moldova, the expert will:

  • Finalize the intervention plan for MEL capacity building of POs based on the discussion with LED Moldova.
  • Conduct a range of learning events - workshop/seminar(s) whose format, sequence, duration will be agreed with LED and eventually be adapted based on the changing circumstances.
  • Guide POs to update/develop MEL plans.
  • Recommend relevant, meaningful resources and learning materials on MEL (e.g. templates, manuals, guidelines).


  • Capacity building intervention plan
  • Training/Coaching report

Profile of the expert 

Necessary Qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in social sciences, statistics, international development, economics, monitoring and evaluation, or similar. Master’s degree in the same fields is an advantage.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in or related to Monitoring and Evaluation in national/international projects.
  • Certification in PCM, M&E or RBM would be considered an advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience of applying MEL in practice, using both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methodologies. Experience in conducting baseline studies and/or external evaluations would be considered an advantage.
  • Experience in providing advice/consultancy on Results-based management, M&E, results-oriented planning and reporting.
  • Presentation and facilitation skills proved by a list of workshops, trainings on topics relevant to current assignment.
  • Knowledge of the education sector, data sources for M&E in education, etc.

The expert is expected to work for approximatively 20 working days in the period from July 2020 to April/May 2021. The exact dates for learning events and deadlines for deliverables will be agreed with the expert when signing the contract.  Remuneration will depend on the selected consultant’s qualifications and experience, and LED’s acceptable rates.

Application process

Interested candidates are invited to submit the documents listed below to the email info@led.md by 20 June 2020 in English or Romanian languages. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • CV in Romanian or English
  • Cover Letter providing a brief description of previous relevant services
  • Proposal for capacity building intervention
  • Financial offer that would indicate the expected daily (net) rate
  • 2 Reference letters.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation Criteria


Criteria 1. Level of expertise in M&E


Criteria 2. The quality of the intervention proposal


Criteria 3. Knowledge of the education sector


Criteria 4. Training, facilitation, and presentation experience


Criteria 5. Financial offer




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