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Consultancy on Organizational Management (as part of Organisational Capacity Building of GEP members)

Project: Moldova Against All Discrimination (2019/411-536)

IREX Europe, Gender Centru and GENDERDOC-M are implementing a project "Moldova against all forms of discrimination” funded by the European Union. The project is aimed at fighting discrimination against women/the LGBT community and promoting gender equality in the Republic of Moldova through two main components which are 1) building capacity of women/LGBT organisations and activists and 2) increasing public awareness on gender equality issues. 

Following the organizational capacity and needs assessment conducted in March-April 2020, GEP members are invited to participate in the grant scheme. The selected organisations will take part in the in-house capacity building program based on the needs of the organization. The trainings will be led by capacity building expert(s) together with one expert from Gender Center. The training sessions will be provided to a minimum of 2-3 people in each organisation (including permanent staff and volunteers) to ensure that lessons learned are not lost if staff members leave the organisations.

As a result of the capacity needs assessment of GEP members few areas were identified for capacity investment : Communications, Organizational and programme management, Financial management, and Leadership and Governance. In order to fill these capacity gaps, we are looking for a Consultant in Organizational Management, to deliver trainings for the selected GEP members and provide expertise during the grant implémentation. The training and subsequent mentorship will be required (but not limited) in the areas of Leadership and governance (training on strategic planning in decision making processes and elaboration of an organisation’s strategic plan, partnership building, etc), Human Resources management (training on staff/volunteer management, followed by the creation of a professional development plan within each organisation, including an orientation plan for new staff/volunteers, team motivation practices, and volunteer management policies etc), Finance and administration (training on project management, fundraising; followed by an update of the financial practices of each organisation as needed, as well as a fundraising plan etc).

It is important to ensure that these trainings will consider the organisation’s sustainability as GEP member as well.


The consultants will work in close cooperation with the Gender Centru Program Coordinator and IREX Europe Program Manager. Specifically, they will be responsible for the following tasks:

 - specify the needs of the selected GEP members in particular area and refine the existing report;

- develop training programme based on the needs of the target organisation’s;

- deliver training sessions together with tailored individual consultancies for each organisation;

- assist in developing new strategies and management plans or in-kind support (for example, support for the purchase of new accounting software) to ensure the sustainability of the capacity building in the long term;

- provide expertise and consultation (if needed) during the grant implementation for the selected organisations.


  • Training modules on the identified themes including refined needs assessment of the selected organisations;
  • Refined the existing report on the organizational capacity needs;
  • Final report on the accomplished tasks (in the end of the contract)


The consultant should have a blend of relevant professional experience and background in the


  1. Education in International Development, Social Sciences, Political Science, Governance and Civil Society and/or other related fields (lack of education can be compensated by the relevant experience);
  2. Experience (minimum 5 years) in working with civil society organizations and/or on good governance issues in Moldova or post-Soviet countries;
  3. Proven experience in conducting civil society organizational assessments, action planning, and subsequent training and technical assistance provision.
  4. Strong knowledge of civil society and development context of Moldova; knowledge and understanding of gender issues would be an asset;
  5. Excellent presentation and writing skills, interpersonal skills and flexible attitude. Proficiency in English essential; knowledge of Romanian is an asset;
  6. Clear communication, multitasking, organization, observational, critical and analytical thinking, customer focused, team oriented, computer competency, reading comprehension


The assignment will commence in June 2020 till December 2020. The consultants will be required to work 25 days within this period.   


The deadline for the proposals is 31 May 2020. To apply please send a CV and attach examples and/or weblinks to previous trainings curricula developed/trainings delivered. Applications should be emailed to Maira Zeinilova, IREX Europe Program Manager, to the email Please put « Capacity Building Organizational Management Consultant » in the subject line.

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