National High Resolution Imagery Expert (FAO Moldova)

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Technical Focus: Forestry, cartography and geography

 Tasks and responsibilities 


Performs a visual interpretation (classification) of sample plots using High Resolution Satellite Imagery made available through the Collect Earth (CE) application;

  • The interpretation involves assessment of current land use and land cover situation as well as it change in past ten years;

Specific objectives:

  • Take part on training on the CE interpretation assured by International Remote Sensing consultant in collaboration with the National Expert on Remote Sensing;
  • Under the supervision and following instructions of the National Expert on Remote Sensing caries out the interpretation of High Resolution Satellite Imagery (HRI) using Collect Earth software;
  • All tasks are to be carried out strictly according to the manual for Collect Earth survey or otherwise specified by the National Expert on Remote Sensing;
  • Guarantees quality and completeness of the interpretation of plots assigned to him or her by the National Expert on Remote Sensing;
  • Delivers the expected performance in terms of number of plots interpreted per day (at least 75), per week and for the entire period of his/her assignment;

Up to the indicated total number of man days the consultant will provide any other technical or methodological assistance needed or requested by the National Expert on Remote Sensing or the REU Forestry officer.


  Minimum Requirements

  • B.Sc. or leaving exam in forestry, cartography or geography;
  • Capability to visually interpret high resolution imagery and aerial orthophotomaps;
  • Working knowledge of English or Russian required.

 FAO Core Competencies

  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement


To apply, please send your CV with all relevant details to by 21 April inclusive.

Distribuie prietenilor:

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