Expert on Border Security (Blue Border)

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is looking for an Expert on Border Security (Blue Border), according to the Terms of Reference below, to start on 15 March 2020. 

Title of Position: Expert on Border Security (Blue Border)

Duty station: IOM Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Classification: Consultant

Type of Appointment: Consultancy Contract

Duration: 10 consultancy days within three months’ period

Technical supervision: Migration Management Project Coordinator 

Background of the Consultancy:

Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Mission and the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, the successful candidate will be responsible for providing effective and efficient support to the IOM Project Management Teams, as well as the direct project beneficiaries, namely the General Inspectorate of Border Police of Republic of Moldova and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The project aims at supporting the sustainable surveillance of the blue border between Moldova and Ukraine through the procurement of specialized equipment and patrol boats for enhancing the operational capacities at the controlled common blue border, as well as for the purpose of joint patrolling.

  1. Nature of the Consultancy:

The main task of the incumbent will be to carry out an assessment of the technical and infrastructural needs in the target border segments, as well as define the type of patrol boats suitable to be operated for joint patrolling, including detailed technical requirements/specifications and an overall cost analysis.

The incumbent is supposed to provide recommendations for improving mobility and accessibility to the targeted border intersection under the challenging conditions of unfavourable navigation and weather conditions, including allowing the performance of joint patrols.

To complete the tasks the incumbent is supposed to conduct through a desk research and consultations with the beneficiaries and fact-finding visits to both sites a detailed technical assessment of the blue border infrastructure at the targeted border segments under the responsibility of  1) „Northern” and „Eastern” Regional Directorates of the Moldovan Border Police; 2) Border guard detachments of the “Izmail”, “Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi” and “Mohyliv-Podilskii”, outlining the list of actual equipment, as well as infrastructural needs, specifications and the costs estimation (budget calculations) of equipment and patrol boats to be provided under this project.

  1. IOM Project to which the consultancy is contributing: EU 4 Border Security
  1. Tasks to be performed under this contract.
  • Conducting the needs assessment at the selected sectors of the blue border.
  • Producing the technical specifications of the specialized equipment and patrol boats suitable to be operated in the target area, including a detailed estimation of required funds (budget calculations), to support procurement activities within the project.
  1. Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment
  • Summary assessment of current border infrastructure and capacities on the selected sectors of the blue border, including availability and suitability of the landing piers, staffing level, and others, describing the findings from meetings with all relevant stakeholders in MD and UA.
  • Full description of the technical (equipment and infrastructure) needs, including the exact technical specifications for equipment and patrol boats to be procured, including an overall cost estimation (budget calculations).
  1. Realistic delivery dates and details as to how the work must be delivered:

The assignment shall commence not later than 15 March 2020 and conclude prior to 20 May 2020 utilising a maximum period of ten (10) billable days.

 Preliminary timelines:


Expected outputs


#1: Development of schedule of the visits to the selected sectors of the blue border and preparing the list of interlocutors for interviews, supported by IOM

Schedule of the visits to the selected sectors of the blue border

List of interlocutors for interviews

1st week after the Contract is signed

#2: Execution of the field assessment missions

Field assessment missions’ reports

One week after the execution of the field assessment missions (3rd week after the Contract is signed)

#3: Drafting the assessment report with description of the needs and specification for each country

Draft assessment report with the annexes:

Updated exact inventory of the technical needs, the technical requirements, list of equipment and watercrafts to be procured with relevant specifications, including an estimation of precise amounts of required funds (budget calculations)

4th week after the Contract is signed

#4: Participation in the consultations with the stakeholders on the draft documents

Written feedback on the necessary adjustments to the updated assessment report and inventory of the technical needs

5th week after the Contract is signed

#5: Finalization of the report and annexes and its submission to IOM

Final assessment report and annexes in finalised form:

Updated exact inventory of the technical needs, the technical requirements, list of equipment and watercrafts to be procured with relevant specifications, including an estimation of precise amounts of required funds (budget calculations)

6th week after the Contract is signed


  1. Performance indicators for evaluation of results (value of services rendered in relation to their cost).

The consultant’s performance will be evaluated by the Migration Management Project Coordinator:

  • Timeliness. Satisfactory completion of tasks indicated in this TOR
  • Quality of the analysis and the delivery of assessment report.
  • Quality of the comprehensive final report
  • Feedback from the stakeholders
  1. Required Qualifications and Experience:

Education / Experience

  • Experience in the field of border surveillance with specific emphasis on blue border surveillance operations, including cross-border collaboration.
  • Deep knowledge of the EU Integrated Border Management (IBM) strategy and its best practices.
  • Technological awareness/knowledge of technologies and products desired.
  • Experience working with border management authorities in the CIS region is an asset.
  • Experience in deployment and operation of border surveillance equipment is an asset.


  • Fluency in oral and written English and/or Russian is required. Knowledge of Romanian would be an asset.

Desirable Competencies

  • Highly developed conceptual and analytical skills tailored to the specific needs of border guard agencies.
  • Ability to process and understand complex requirements for cross-border surveillance operations at blue borders, in accordance with the EU standards and best practices.
  • Effective communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely express ideas, both verbally and in writing.
  • Timeliness in performing the assigned tasks and foreseen high-quality outputs.
  • Ability to work and deliver under pressure.
  1. Logistics and Timing:

The assignment will involve trips to target blue border segments between Moldova and Ukraine.

Subject to prior arrangement the Consultant will have access to deployed transportation and translation/interpreter resources. Should the assignment require duty trips outside of Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, the consultant will not be entitled to any per-diem.

The Organization will pay the Consultant up to two (2) round trip economy class flight tickets from the Consultant’s home station to the place of duty.

Prior to commencing the assignment, the Consultant will be required to submit a statement of good health signed by a certified medical doctor, including confirmation that the Consultant’s vaccinations required for the country to which travel may be required are up to date.

IOM only covers the Consultant against occupational accidents and illnesses under the Compensation Plan (CP), free of charge, for the duration of the assignment. IOM does not provide evacuation or medical insurance for reasons related to non-occupational accidents and illnesses. The Consultant is responsible for his/her own medical insurance for non-occupational accident or illness.

How to apply:

All interested applicants are kindly invited to send their letters of interest and personal history forms to  and  by 8 March 2020 latest, referring to this advertisement.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview and requested to submit a Financial Proposal.

 The financial proposal should specify an all-inclusive daily fee (based on 8-hour working day and 10 consultancy days).

IOM shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men and women to participate in any capacity under conditions of equality in its principal and subsidiary organs.

To find more about IOM, visit our website at or .  


Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for the appointment.


Posting period:


From 21.02.2020 to 08.03.2020


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