Open Call for selecting an organization that will provide a Research about Youth Work System and Youth Worker's Education in Moldova

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Country: Republic of Moldova
Coordinating/Partner Organization: “MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute
Project name: KA2 Eastern Partnership Youth Workers Academy

Implementation period: 05.03.2020 – 31.05.2020
Deadline for application: 01.03.2020

Types of services: desk research on national situation of youth work system and youth workers’ education
Results to be achieved: a comprehensive analysis on the current situation of youth work and youth work education (legal framework, profession standard, recognition, youth workers’ education programs and how they are related to ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers, learning needs, etc.) in Moldova
Max. Budget available: 2500 euro
Context: The research will be done in the framework of Erasmus plus KA2 project “Eastern Partnership Youth Workers Academy”. The aim of the project is to increase the quality of youth work in Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by preparing a pool of trainers who will provide national trainings for youth workers in their countries based on European Training Strategy Competence Model for youth workers and good practices of EU partners. 

Description of the research:

Goal of the research - to map out youth work systems and youth worker education frameworks in Moldova.
The research should cover such issues:
1) Legal framework & Recognition of Youth Work in the country 
2) Mapping the Youth Worker Education 
3) ETS Competencies: how does it match with national competency framework and local reality &
4) Learning needs of Youth Workers 
5) Tendencies in the youth work development in your country (forms of youth work, who delivers, funding schemes, target groups, themes and topics, priorities etc.)

Minimum eligibility requirements:
1. Legal person registered in Republic of Moldova
2. Practical skills and knowledge in research or/and initiating, legalizing an entrepreneurial
3. Awareness on the legal framework with regard to Youth Work in Moldova
4. Awareness on issues in entrepreneurship education and start-up support system in Moldova,Ability to write in good English (the summary of the research needs to be provided in English);
5. Practical experience of research.

The application procedure:
Interested organizations are encouraged to send to the dossier that contains the following documents:
1. Cover letter
1. Research methodology with action plan and timelines
2. Curriculum Vitae of expert(s) involved in the research
3. Financial proposal (number of working days and the cost per one day of work)

Deadline for application: 01.03.2020

NOTE! The selected organization will sign the contract with the “MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute who is the coordinating organization of the project.


Distribuie prietenilor:

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