Call for offers: Local expert/specialist in Biosafety and Non-GM regulatory situation in Moldova

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Issue date: 04.02.2020
Closing date: 18.02.2020

Call for offers

Donau Soja is seeking a

Local expert/specialist in Biosafety and Non-GM regulatory situation in Moldova

The Donau Soja Association hereby invites tenders from organizations/individuals (the service provider) with policy expertise in the area of agriculture, relevant agricultural sciences, and agricultural policy in biosafety and Non-GM regulatory situation in Moldova. Providing a range of policy services, the service provider will fulfil a role in a Donau Soja-led project focused on the development of the Soy National Action plan for Moldova.

The project aims to increase the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in Moldova through integration of Moldovan-grown soy into domestic and global value chains. The project is funded by the European Union through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) under the European Union’s (EU) Action Document for the Development of Rural Areas in the Republic of Moldova. Moldova has a Deep Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU that opens up opportunities for economic development supported by trade with the EU. This new trade potential offers opportunities for economic development in Moldova catalyzed by the development of soy production and related value chains.

The Republic of Moldova is one of the soya cultivation countries in the Danube area. The cooperation between Donau Soja organization and Moldova Government started in 2014 with the signing of the Donau Soja Declaration. A starting point for the development work in this project is that the targeting of development activity onto a particular crop species, particularly one which is so food-system relevant as soybean, can stimulate development activity through a much wider part of the economy and society. In particular, most soybean production is linked directly to animal production. Incomes in Moldova are exceptionally low by EU standards and Moldova has challenges common of post-Soviet countries. In that context, developing soy and related value chains means developing good farming and food systems that bring wider economic, environmental and social benefits.

The project consortium comprises the Austrian-based Donau Soja Association (DS) and the Moldovan-based Pro Didactica organization. The project will run for three years starting in April 1st, 2018. The project has four components:

1. Enhanced capacities for innovation and education in agriculture.
2. Increased access to markets, especially for certified and organic agri-food products.
3. Use of standards and certification to raise the performance of value chains.
4. The enablement of quality standards in the agri-food sector (including organic agriculture and products) and alignment of Moldova’s legal framework and EU quality standards.

Delivering on these four project components involves agricultural training and dissemination; developing cooperation between farmers and within value chains; developing R&D capacity; market and value chain development; developing standards and certification; supporting an enabling regulatory environment; supporting an enabling policy environment; project communication; and project management.

The work of the expert
The service provider contracted to provide biosafety expertise and Non-GM regulatory consultation services, which will play a role within the project team contributing to agricultural policy support. In particular, the service provider will provide strategic support to Biosafety Regulatory report of international consultant Umweltbundesamt in development of the Soy National Action plan for Moldova.

The requirements
The service provider will be fully supported by local Donau Soja team in Moldova as well as staff in the Donau Soja headquarters in Vienna. The person/persons involved from the service provider side will have a record of contributing to international expertise local Biosafety policy with:

1. a broad understanding of all relevant Biosafety sciences supported by relevant practical experience in Biosafety and Non-GM regulatory situation in Moldova.
2. experience in the development and support of evidence-based Biosafety and Non-GM policy development.
3. excellent general communication skills with excellent written English.
4. an interest in Biosafety and Non-GM regulatory development in contexts relevant to the development of Moldovan relevant legislative and policy framework for quality (biosafety and Non-GM) standards in the agri-food sector and identification of gaps in terms of alignment of policy documents and legal framework to EU level; and
5. an excellent record of working in a local and international environment with proven leadership skills to complement the work of the local Moldovan team.

In addition, the service provider is required to support high standards of social and environmental performance in the project and demonstrate gender and diversity competences.
The assignment is part-time/ short term, and the services will be provided based on operational plan mutually agreed between expert and Donau Soja Organization,
The service provider is expected to use his/her own office and technical equipment.

The detailed TOR's can be downloaded from: 

Documents to be provided
Tenders are to be sent by email to Elena Anghel, by 17.02.2020, indicating “Local expert/ specialist in Biosafety and Non-GM regulatory situation in Moldova” in the subject, with the following documents (in English):
1. a covering letter describing the motivation behind the tender and the overall approach to delivering the required services;
2. a statement of the expected number of days needed to fulfil the requirements (see Annex 1 in ToR);
3. a statement of the fee for the services to be provided (See Annex 1 in ToR);
4. a description of the service provider as an entity; and
5. a curriculum vitae for each of the staff expected to be engaged in the work.

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