People in Need Moldova is looking for interested candidates to be members of a Working Team

Terms of Reference for selection of the members of the Work Team


Project title: Community Planning of Social Services through Public Dialogue

Duration of requested services: 2020-2021



About the Implementer:

People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-governmental organization that provides relief aid and development assistance while working to defend human rights and democratic freedom. It is one of the largest relief and development organizations in Europe and has administered projects in 37 countries over the past 20 years. People in Need has been working in the Republic of Moldova since 2003, implementing projects in the field of economic development, civil society and youth development, education, being actively involved into the deinstitutionalization process and development of the Local Social Inclusion Strategies.

Within the Project "Community Planning of Social Services through Public Dialogue", PIN Moldova targets to engage leaders in social sector and related sectors having know-how and potential influence on social policy. It also seeks to use their knowledge and potential for cooperation within the development of social services based on needs of the country’s citizens.

About the Project:

The “Community Planning of Social Services through Public Dialogue” Project was designed by the CzechAid (CzDA) within the Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic with Republic of Moldova. The overall objective of this project is to contribute to meeting the basic social needs of vulnerable people based on the real needs and reflecting available resources in individual communities. The specific objective of the project is to support the development mechanism for transparent community planning of social and related services based on demand, the actual needs and available resources in the community. Such development mechanism will serve Moldova's public administration to improve the system of planning and meeting the needs of vulnerable people.

The project is aiming to achieve the following three outputs:

  • Increased capacity and knowledge of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, which they use to support the development of community planning and strengthen cooperation between leaders in social services and central administration;
  • Increased capacity of public administration at district / other territorial level in community planning and involved community planning actors in plans;
  • Increased capacity of non-governmental providers of social and related services, encouraging public administration partnership and public mobilization to engage in community planning.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned outputs, the Work Team will be established at the beginning of the project.

The Work Team will participate in the implementation of all project activities, and it will consist of:

  • 3 representatives of Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection (nominated and approved by the Ministry);
  • 7 representatives of civil society or academia, leaders in the social sector.

Roles and functions of the Work Team:

The Work Team, as well as its members are expected to:

  • Participate in the implementation of the relevant project activities and help to ensure the achievement of the described outputs.
  • Ensure participatory decision-making and ownership by key stakeholders in social service provision.
  • Cooperate closely with Implementer (PIN).
  • Hold joint meetings at least once per month (at the beginning), later during the implementation even once per two months (it will depend on the need).
  • Participate actively in the trainings, workshops and study trips both in the Republic of Moldova and the Czech Republic.
  • Participate in the activities implemented at the local level.
  • Use the lessons learned during the project implementation in his/her work in social sector.
  • Provide advice, support and assistance in the implementation of the project.

Financial compensation will be allocated for representatives of civil society and academia, members of the Work Team, while the members of the Ministry will be involved based on internal delegation.


  • Having extensive experience in social service planning and provision in the Republic of Moldova, as a practitioner and/or researcher.
  • Having experience and understanding of the concept of community-based planning of social services.
  • Being well acquainted with the functioning of the social service delivery system, legal framework and public authority functioning in the Republic of Moldova at local and national level.
  • Attending regular meetings as required above (per month/per year) and actively participating in the group’s work.
  • Representing the interests of People in Need Moldova, as appropriate over the project period.
  • A genuine interest in the initiatives and the outcomes being pursued in the project.
  • Being an advocate for the project’s outcomes.
  • Being committed to, and actively involved in, pursuing the program’s outcomes.

 Application Process

  • To prove your qualification in social sector and motivation, please attach your CV and a brief motivation letter.
  • The applicants who will be identified as relevant will be pre-selected by the implementer and its partners.

The applications shall be submitted by email to the following address:,  using Ref. in the subject line: Work Team members.

The deadline for submission of applications for the position of Work Team member is February 11th, 2020.

!!! Nota bene!!!

Only selected candidates will be contacted.


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