Request for expression of interest - photographer

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Request for expression of interest - photographer

„Mă Implic – Project on civic engagement in local governance” is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Skat Consulting Ltd. (Phase 1: 01.11.2019-31.10.2023). The „Mă Implic” project aims at ensuring that rural population of Republic of Moldova has equitable access to quality public service provision.

Type of the service: Photo documentation of project activities

Scope of the contract: Skat Consulting Ltd. is seeking professional photographers to document the „Mă Implic” Project activities (institution/individual consultant) on demand.

The images/photos will be used to illustrate publications, websites, newsletters, reports and other project materials. Images may also be used by the media and other partners (on request as a resource) to portray the work of the project/Skat/SDC.

Contract duration: 1 year with possible extension up to 4 years.


  • All assignments shall take place in Moldova. The assignment will involve travel within Moldova (transportation arrangements/costs will be made by the project staff, and will not be part of the offer)
  • Photographic services will be required through the year, on demand bases.
  • Each work assignment shall be discussed in advance with the photographer describing the nature of the job request and timeframe.
  • Service provision will include field visits to project sites/partner villages/LPAs within the country to capture the local level implementation activities and on occasion specialized conceptual photos.
  • The contractor must have good command of own photographic equipment and photo related image editing software.
  • All original materials will be handed over to the implementation unit/Skat and will remain the property of the project.
  • In addition to the photo, the photographer will submit captions: location, institution, date, name of the people (if the picture is with people).
  • On assignment for the project, the photographer is expected to show appropriate sensitivity towards the people they are photographing. Photographer is also required to follow the Code of Conduct (provided with the contract).
  • The photographer will obtain relevant written consent for image use from the people/institutions


When on assignment, the photographer will be expected to deliver the following services:

  1. For every special event photographed throughout the year, on the same day, a minimum of 25 colour and /or b/w (as required) digital images in high resolution shot as a RAW file (300 pixels/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixels;) and the same selection in lower resolution (1000 pixels longer edge, JPEG format) will be delivered/emailed to project office;
  2. Within five days of shooting for the purposes of providing photos for publications, promotional materials, website or campaigns, a complete set of images (min 100 images are expected to be delivered per day of work) shot as a RAW file (300 pixels/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixels), saved chronologically. In addition, an edited set of 25 colour or B/W as needed, in high resolution with full captions, delivered/emailed to project office. Full set in lower resolution also have to be delivered/emailed
  3. Within one working day from a shooting session, a selection of at least 25 photos is expected to be edited in specialized photo editing software.
  4. All digital photographs must contain complete caption information in “file info” and separate word format captions list. Caption information should consist of: date, place, institution, subject names and age, and brief description of the situation photographed;
  5. Relevant written consent for image use from the people/institutions will be delivered together with the images.

Qualifications/specialized experience

  • The contractor should be a resident of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Qualifications as professional photographer and a demonstrated minimum of 5 years’ experience as professional photographer;
  • Good knowledge of technical requirements and settings for taking photos in various settings (i.e. outdoor, indoor, portraits, group activities etc.) is expected;
  • Experience covering social, humanitarian and development subjects will be an asset; Experience with projects, donors and NGOs will be an asset;


  1. Short profile, including CV, diplomas, certificates of photography-related studies;
  2. Detailed individual portfolio showcasing range of work (i.e. outdoor, indoor conferences, portraits, group activities etc.) with links to specific sites/media outlets/publications where the works have been published;
  3. A description of production capabilities: photographic equipment for taking quality images in studio and outdoors, including related hardware and software to manage images;
  4. Reference price per hour/day for indoor and outdoor

The Offer shall be sent to the following email address: indicating in the subject line: „Ref: Photographer”.

Deadline for applications: June 18th, 2020, 17:30

Inquiries for questions and clarifications:

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