Re-advertisement: Service Provider to Conduct a telephone survey on the population acceptance of genetically modified foods in Moldova

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Donau Soja initiates a telephone survey on consumer awareness and acceptance of GM foods and willingness to opt for non-GM. The findings of this survey are very important for the project activities related to the implementation of the awareness campaign and the development of the National Action Plan for soya sector development in Moldova.

Market research companies are invited to submit their offers with the view to carry out the telephone survey on consumer acceptance of non-GMO certified foods, focusing on:

  •  Target group: population in Moldova aged 18 years and over
  •  Geographical coverage: 32 rayons of Moldova and the capital - Chișinău

Selective population: 2000 people

Required Proposal Documents 

  1. Cover Letter

The offeror’s cover letter shall include the following information:

  1. Name of the company or organization
  2. Type of company or organization
  • Address
  1. Telephone
  2. Fax
  3. E-mail
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Official bank account information
  1. Other required documents, as for example: copy of registration or incorporation in the public registry, or equivalent document from the government office where the offeror is registered shall be included as attachments to the cover letter. The company has to be legally authorized to undertake the work on required services and company profile and business license must be provided as part of the offer. 
  2. Brief description of similar assignments undertaken by the company previously.
  1. Description of Methodology
  1. Cost Proposal

The cost proposal is used to determine which proposals represent the best value and serves as a basis of negotiation before award of a contract.

The price of the subcontract to be awarded will be an all-inclusive fixed price. All cost information must be expressed in EUR.

Detailed TOR can be dowloaded from: 

Submission of offers and deadline

Proposals must be submitted electronically only.

Separate technical and cost proposals must be submitted by email no later than 10 of June 2020 to the following address:

Elena Anghel, Project Financial Manager


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