HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is hiring a Finance Manager

JOB TITLE: Finance Manager                    



Overall goals

  1. Ensure an adequate, orderly and efficient financial accounting according to the Accounting and financial rules of IMS Moldova, SDC requirements and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation HQ systems and guidelines
  2. Actively contribute to budget process of the project
  3. Ensure high quality Financial Management, Reporting and Partner Monitoring
  4. Lead audit preparation and coordination with auditors

Main tasks

  1. Accurate and timely book keeping, reconciliations, quarterly and yearly closing of the financial accounting of project.
  2. Overview and prior verification of fiscal validity before correct and timely processing of payment / creditors
  3. Lead the development of effective internal controlling system
  4. Processing of financial reports to PM, FM HQ and Donors and local tax office


  • Assume responsibility for accounting, budgeting and financial reporting and provides financial expertise at national level
  • Prepares financial reports and coordinates with external auditing company
  • Cooperates with International financial controller at HSI HQ
  • Provide technical assistance, to ensure proper financial management of awards
  • Reviews and approves of financial reports from contractors for external services
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements for tax purposes
  • Compile the Payroll for the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Staff
  • Processing and recording of checks and disbursements on a daily basis
  • Manage the distribution/reconciliation of financial advances to support program activities
  • Maintain operational filing system of all financial related documents

The incumbent works under the supervision and direction of the IMS project Team Leader.



Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience in accounting or finance management or similar. Audit experience will be an asset.

Job knowledge: Good working knowledge of Republic of Moldova accounting legal framework and accounting and payroll systems and software. 

Education: BA and/or Master degree in Finance, Audit and Economics or related field.

Language: Excellent Knowledge (speaking/reading/writing) of English and Romanian is required; Knowledge of Russian is a plus. This will be tested.

Please send a cover letter and CV to the following email address: diana.russu@chamber.md

DEADLINE: May 24, 2019

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