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  1. Background

The Republic of Moldova needs profound reforms in many areas. One of these areas includes the activity of the home affairs bodies and Police as institutions mandated to protect the rights of the people. From a historic perspective, the reforms in this area have undergone a long-lasting process of restructuring and modernization. On December 18, 1990 the Parliament adopted the Law on Police, followed by the adoption in 2010 of the Government decision “For the approval of the Concept of Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” – the first public policy document that identified the main problems of the home affairs system. Some of these issues were addressed through the adoption in 2012 of the Law no. 320 on police activity and police status. Still, a lot of problems remained to be tackled and therefore, on May 12, 2016 the Government adopted the Police Development Strategy for 2016-2020.

For more details on the “Police Development Strategy for 2016-2020”, please see the Strategy and its Action Plan attached to these Terms of Reference. Also, more information on the progress made by the authorities towards the implementation of this reform can be found on (in Romanian only).

In the same context, in 2016 the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Moldova signed a financing agreement for the “Support for police reform”, including a complementary support for Police reform watch. Further, in December 2018 Promo-LEX Association, with the financial support of the European Union, have launched a three years project aimed to strengthen the accountability, efficiency and transparency of the Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova.

The project “Civic monitoring of the Police reform in Moldova” implemented by Promo-LEX Association is built upon the watchdog role of the civil society organizations during the implementation of the reforms, as well as on the citizens’ right to participate in the decision making process. The monitoring aims to track the progress of the reform, to map the possible gaps, weaknesses/limitations encountered during the reform process but also the opportunities for the improvement of the reform strategies. Besides the “Strategy of Police Development”, through this project, Promo-LEX plan also to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of the EU Budget Support Programme allocated for the implementation of the reform. As a result, the monitoring of the Police reform implementation is expected to consolidate the capacities of the involved institutions as well as to offer to the EU and Moldovan authorities a credible tool for comprehensive and continuous assessment of the state of reform. For more details about the project, please see attached a summary of the Action.

Given the vast and long-lasting character of the monitoring activity envisaged by the project, Promo-LEX plan to elaborate a comprehensive monitoring methodology meant to ensure a periodical, both quantitative and qualitative assessment of the state of reform.

  1. Description of the International Expert’s tasks & expected outcomes/advisory services

Promo-LEX Association is looking to select an International Expert who would elaborate a methodology for civic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the Police Development Strategy for 2016-2020, as well as of the EU Budget Support Programme allocated for the implementation of the reform.

The proposed methodology will ensure proper consideration for the following aspects:

  1. The methodology shall offer tools and methods for the monitoring and evaluation of both the quantitative and qualitative results and outcomes of the reform;
  2. The methodology shall address the issues reflected both in the Strategy of Police Development and in the EU Budget Support Programme, thus ensuring a comparative approach with the purpose to highlight any possible discrepancies between the levels and speed of implementation of different objectives and activities included within the two strategic documents;
  3. The methodology shall also focus on the observance of the public funds and expenditures used for the implementation of the reform (public procurement procedures implemented by the Ministry of Interior, General Inspectorate of Police and Police Inspectorates in the regions);
  4. The methodology shall allow for the involvement of a core team of experts based in the capital as well as to engage a team of 5 regional coordinators (located in all the regions of the country), thus ensuring a close monitoring of the reform results and impact at the regional level;
  5. Promo-LEX envisage to elaborate 6 monitoring reports (2 semester based and 3 annual reports + one final report that will summarize the most important findings and recommendations);

Taking into account the above mentioned aspects, the International Expert will work towards accomplishment of the following specific tasks:

  1. develop the monitoring & evaluation methodology, including a guidebook that will describe the methods and tools planned to be used for monitoring & evaluation of the outputs and outcomes achieved by different relevant institutions involved in the implementation of the reform;
  2. elaborate and propose the draft structure of the monitoring reports;
  3. facilitate the workshop organised by Promo-LEX for its team of experts and monitors involved in collection of data on the implementation of Police reform;
  4. participate at the public events organized for the presentation of the methodology as well as of the monitoring results & outcomes (if necessary or requested by Promo-LEX);
  5. review the first report/policy paper elaborated by Promo-LEX on the implementation of the Police reform during 2016-2018 (the first report is expected to be produced by April 2019, prior to the elaboration and official start of monitoring based on the methodology elaborated by the International expert).
  1. Timeframe, deliverables and honoraria

During March/April – May 2019 the International Expert will work for about 20 days, both at distance (via e-mail, Skype etc.) and in the Republic of Moldova.

The main expected outcomes/advisory services:

  1. Detailed M&E methodology, including the data collection tools and relevant guidance on how to apply it, designed together with the project team;
  2. Draft structure of the monitoring & evaluation reports;
  3. One 2 days’ workshop for the presentation of the proposed methodology + agenda and materials for the workshop on monitoring and evaluation conducted for Promo-LEX team of experts and monitors;
  4. Public presentation of the M&E methodology (if necessary or requested by Promo-LEX).the structure of a monitoring report (draft version), as agreed with the project team;
  5. A short feedback report on the first report/policy paper elaborated by Promo-LEX on the implementation of the Police reform during 2016-2018.

The honoraria will be paid in the end of the Experts’ mission contingent on the delivery of the services.

  1. Criteria for selecting the experts

The international expert must meet the following criteria:

  • Education: university degree in law, public administration, public policy, management or other relevant fields. Excellent understanding of the central public authorities reform strategies and approaches, with focus on home affairs sector;
  • Experience:
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience in the home affairs sector, governance or public policies;
  • Relevant experience in consultancy/assistance for a donor organization, governmental institutions or NGO/think-tank;
  • Experience in developing M&E methodologies relevant to the governance reforms shall constitute a strong advantage;
  • Previous working experience in the Eastern Europe and/or European Union’s Eastern Partnership area and/or Central Asia shall constitute a strong advantage.
  • Working languages and IT skills: project deliverables and consultancy services will be offered in English. Knowledge of Romanian or Russian languages will be considered a strong asset. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.);
  • Availability to deliver the required services and products during March/April – May 2019;
  • Other required skills: deep analytical skills, excellent self-organizing and good communication skills;

The contract will be awarded to the most experienced expert that will present the best proposal, both from the perspective of the technical and financial offer. The following criteria for assessing the quality of the proposals will be applied:

  • Experience of the expert (max. 30 points);
  • Technical offer – the draft of the monitoring methodology (max. 30 points);
  • Financial offer (maximum 40 points);
  1. Method of application

Interested experts should send below listed documents to by March 25, 2019 (6 P.M. Chisinau time), with the subject line entitled “Application_International Expert_Full name”:

  • CV (max. 3 pages, please include the contact phone and/or Skype ID for an possible interview), including a list of publications on relevant topics (if any);
  • Letters of Recommendation from other organizations for whom the expert delivered similar services in the past, including the name and contact data of a responsible person from these organizations;
  • Technical offer – draft of the monitoring methodology and proposed structure of the monitoring reports (3-4 pages, please indicate the structure of the proposed methodology, the data collection approach, the tools to be used and the stakeholders to be involved/monitored);
  • Financial offer – the number of working days to complete the above mentioned tasks (see the above estimated number of working days and propose your vision on the total duration of the assignment) and the expected honorarium – brutto rate per day, in Euro);
  • The availability statement – please confirm the availability to provide the services during March/April – May 2019.

The project team will offer logistical support to the International expert, including organizing all the international travel and providing accommodation & per-diems during his/her work in the Republic of Moldova, as well as organizing all the logistics for the workshop.

For any additional questions please contact Mr. Nicolae Panfil, Program Coordinator at Promo-LEX Association via e-mail Deadline for questions is March 21, 2019 (6 P.M. Chisinau time). In order to ensure equal treatment and equal chances for all the potential experts, Promo-LEX will answer all the questions by March 22, 2019.

  1. Short description of Promo-LEX Association

Promo-LEX Association is a non-government organization established in 2002 by a group of young lawyers with the aim at developing democracy in the Republic of Moldova, including in the Transnistrian region. Promo-LEX Association operates on the basis of two programs:

  • Human Rights Program – the overall goal of the Program is to promote and implement international human rights standards in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Monitoring Democratic Processes Program – the overall aim of the Program is to improve the quality and to increase citizen’s trust in democratic processes in the Republic of Moldova (monitoring of electoral processes, sectorial reforms and decision-making processes in Association’s priority areas).

Promo-LEX Association is member of several national and international networks and platforms, such as: Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Platform, Platform for Gender Equality, European Network of Election Monitoring Organisations, European Platform for Democratic Elections, ECOSOC and others. More information on Promo-LEX Association can be found on

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