International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, creates opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives. We foster sustainable economic growth in developing countries by supporting private sector development, mobilizing private capital, and providing advisory and risk mitigation services to businesses and governments. For more information, visit The joint Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice (FCI GP) – combining teams from the World Bank and IFC – combines expertise in the financial sector with expertise in private sector development to foster private-sector led growth and help create markets in client countries.

The objective of the Moldova Investment Climate Reform Project (ICR), part of the FCI GP portfolio in Europe and Central Asia, is to increase Moldova's private sector market competitiveness and agriculture exports by improving business enabling environment and taking full advantage of the AA/DCFTA with the EU. The Project intends to make a direct contribution to building an improved investment climate and regulatory framework in several areas: (i) business operations, permissive documents and inspections; (ii) agricultural input and output markets and trade logistics; as well as (iii) investment attraction and protection. As part of its interventions to improve business climate, the Project is suporting the establishemnt of the Environmental Agency, which is responsible for authorizations and permitting related to environmental aspects. The project will assisst in operationalization of the functions of the Enviornmental Agency as a follow up to the previously developed „Functional Analysis for the Enviornmental Agency”.


The objective of this assignment is to assist the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Moldova in operationalizing its directorates in such a way that they would reflect provisions of the EU directives and regulations provided in the Association Agreement EU-Moldova and will insure fulfilment of the functions of the Agency as they are stipulated in the Regulation of the functioning of the Agency. The assignment will focus on all environmental sub-sectors except water sector. The national consultant will work on this assignment with the international consultants hired by IFC, and will ensure that the operationalisation of the Environment Agency is planned in accordance with the national legislation of Moldova.


The selected national Consultant shall provide advice to the Project and to the International Consultant on the issue of operationalization of the Environmental Agency in line with Moldova’s national legislation requirements on public institutions functions and structure. The Consultant shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

• Review national legislation (primary and secondary) in the areas of environmental governance, including regulations of institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Functional Analysis of the Environmental Agency and other relevant documents, in order to propose operationalization in efficient manner of the functions of the Environmental Agency (monitoring, environmental information systems, permitting and authorization and overall implementation of legislation).

• Revise and make necessary updates of the Functional Analysis, with inputs from international consultant, taking into consideration the approved organigram of the Environmental Agency;

• Describe operational relations between the agencies assigned with executive functions in the sector (i.e. Environment Protection Inspectorate,“Moldsilva” and Geological agencies), in view of avoiding overlapping or conflicting functions.

• Perform the operationalization of the directorates of the EA on the basis of the outcome of the functional analysis, its approved Regulation and the reforms related to other institutions in the environment sector.

• Assessment of capacity building needs of the EA, including training needs of the staff.

• Work with international consultant/global team of the IFC to collect expertise in the area of permitting and authorization and work; The Consultant shall have the following qualifications:

• Possess extensive knowledge of national legislation and practical experience in environmental governance in Moldova;

• Diploma in Law or Environmental Sciences and at least 7 years of professional experience in environmental governance field or public administration;

• Possess excellent professional reputation confirmed by reputable counterparts.


The Consultant shall develop and deliver:

- Revised Functional Analysis taking into consideration the approved Regulation and Institutional structure of the Environmental Agency;

- Information note on operational relations between the agencies assigned with executive functions in the environmental sector (could be incorporated into the revised Functional Analysis), consulted with the international expert – February 20;

- Regulations of the Directorates and Units of the Agency – by February 28;

- meetings, in person or on-line, as may be required by intensity of work or counterparts, providing presentations, clarification if required.


This assignment shall be performed during January 28 - February 28, 2019. The Consultant will work with the ICR Project manager in order to agree on assignment implementation.


The Consultant’s work will be supervised by the Project Manager of Moldova Investment Climate Reform Project.


Interested candidates are invited to submit CV to the following address:, COB, January 25, 2019.

Please include “National Consultant to Support the Environmental Agency in operationalization of its directorates” in the subject line. 




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