A.O. Caritas Cehia is seeking a Consultant/Firm/Experts to draft the necessary legislative in the field of home care services

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Type of assignment

A.O. Caritas Cehia (further listed as CC) is seeking a Consultant/Firm/Experts to draft the necessary legislative, normative and institutional changes in order to ensure (partial) coverage of social services from the state budget.

The assignment is part of the activity within the project “Support and Assistance to the Social Sector of Moldova 2017-2019”, funded by the Czech Development Agency and implemented by the leading partner the Caritas Czech Republic along with AO Homecare and People in Need.

 Expected duration of assignment: 11th July – 25th December 2018

Purpose of the assignment

The main objective is to draft the necessary legislative changes based on the finding of the Study “home-care medical and social care services assessment in the Republic of Moldova” and adjust the existing.

Project information

 Project title

“Support and Assistance to the Social Sector of Moldova 2017-2019”

 Lead Implementing Organization

Caritas Czech Republic

 Implementing partners

People in Need and AO HomeCare


Czech Development Agency


The HBC services are financed in the RM from the local budget, health insurance main fund, beneficiaries’ contribution and private funds (local and international grants and donations).

Unfortunately, the available data and current published reports do not allow us to see the share of each of these resources in the total spent budget. The health insurance reports do not require spending from other sources than those received from the insurance fund. As well the social HBC services report only the spending from the budget money. The CSOs are not required to present financial reports to local authorities.

A comprehensive study on home care services has been carried out. The overall objective of the assessment was to assess the existing HBC service provision (private and public) as well as the need of the population in sustainable HBC services. The survey sample comprised 84 HBC service providers from 23 ATU. The qualitative research involved 2 target groups: 340 beneficiaries of HBC services and 23 LPA representatives. Financial data has been collected in order to establish the cost of the HBC provision. The method of cost calculation is based on the transformation of resources (inputs) in products/services (outputs). The considered costing method associates the costs of resources with services delivery.

Study recommendations for government authorities responsible for policy development in the field of protection and social assistance

  • The methodology for calculation social HBC should be developed and approved, establishing a range of social sub-services, the time that social worker has to dedicate to each service. The publication in Official Monitor will make it legal and available for LPAs and other potential service providers.
  • Establish an initial and continuous training system for social workers to improve the quality of provided HBC services.
  • Modification of the Social HBC Framework Regulation in order to improve the access of vulnerable people to HBC services and to provide services for elderly people who have children but they live far and their family situation is very difficult consequently they are unable to help their parents.
  • Accreditation process should start and include all providers of HBC service in order to establish and maintain a minimum quality benchmark.

Based on the recommendations of the study, will be initiated the drafting of the needed legislative modifications.

Tasks and duties of the Consultant

Under the guidance and supervision of the CC Director cooperation with Union of the Community Service Providers (UCSP) will carry out the following tasks:

a.Meetings with the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection

- Taking an active part in deliberations, commenting on presentations, documents, and the drafts of policy papers and legislation drafts during the meetings with representatives of the MoHLSP organized by Caritas Cehia in cooperation with UCSP.

- Present during the meetings the draft of the legislative changes in order to consult the opinion of the all involved actors and to find the best way to proceed with the approval of those changes.

  1. Drafting of the legislative changes

- A desk review of the relevant public policies and programs in the relevant sector in line with the recommendations provided in the study;

- Conducting structured and/or semi-structured interviews with other relevant field experts;

- Preparing a written report based on the revision of the existing legislation which will contain the draft of the needed legislative and presenting them at the meetings for discussion.

- submitting written comments, when appropriate, on the contributions of the members and on drafts of policy papers after a meeting and in preparation for the next one;

- Producing policy papers, policy reports and/or legislation drafts in the relevant format considering the comments provided by all the stakeholders during the meetings; 

Proposed Breakdown of tasks with timelines:




Attend the meeting in MHLSP

 Present during the meetings the drafts of legislative changes.

3 days

Prepare the draft of legislative changes considering the recommendations (comments) provided by all stakeholders during meetings.

The draft of legislative changes

20 days

Present the final version of legislative changes  to the representative of the MHLSP

Submission of final legislative changes for approval

7 days


For this purpose, the consultant will also have to obtain disaggregated data, review relevant literature (including studies, reports, and surveys), working in common and in particular with representatives of the MHLSP and UCSP. The assessment must abide by the principles of impartiality, objectivity, independence, credibility, and usefulness.

Competence requirements:

- Have demonstrated relevant working experience of at least ten (10) years in policy research at the national or international level and/or;

- Have academic/technical background relevant to the scope(s) of the assignment with at least five (5) years of relevant experience;

- Be familiar with policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks in relevant sectors and public administration system of the Republic of Moldova;

- Have recognized experience and/or knowledge relevant to the public policy cycle utilized by the Government of Moldova;

- Be able to communicate fluently, in writing and orally, in Romanian. A working knowledge of English, Russian;

- Have excellent drafting skills, strong operational and analytical skills, and the ability to work as a member of a team.


The Consultant/Company/ Experts will be selected on the basis of offers containing:

  • CV- description of experience and expertise;
  • Copies of documents proving the expertise and experience;
  • relevant expertise in the field.

The description of experience and expertise has to include:

  • contacts to persons / institutions that can provide the reference, and/or
  • copies of official documents proving the experience and expertise stated

The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • Offered price (25%)
  • Proven expertise and experience (25%)
  • Relevant expertise in the field ology (50%)


Start of work: 17th  July 2018

Meeting in the MHLSP :11th  September 2018, 20th November 2018

Submission of the adjusted/ reviewed methodology:10 th  November 2018

Maximum price to be paid for the delivery is 155000 MDL super gross, the cost includes all the expenses related to
the engagement.


  1. The draft of legislative changes  – Due on 10th August 2018, shall be submitted to Country Director/Project Manager Moldova Anastasia Para anastasia.para@caritas.cz

Qualified candidates may send their applications to the following e-mail address ccr.moldova.office@caritas.czhrccrmd@gmail.com. The deadline for submission is July 15, 2018. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. CCR reserves the right to cancel the selection process at any time.

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