National Coalition Life without Violence is looking for an International Expert/ provider on institutional and functional analysis of the coalition, and on designing transformative and sustainable structure, leadership and culture of network


I. Job Title: International Expert/ provider on institutional and functional analysis of the coalition, and on designing transformative and sustainable structure, leadership and culture of network

II. Duty Station: Project “Support to National Coalition “Life without Domestic Violence in Moldova” to improve protection for women and children victims of domestic violence

III. Duration of Employment:         Short-Term contract 28 working days (June – September 2018.

  1. Organizational setting: The expert will work under the direct supervision of and reporting to the Coordinator of the National Coalition.
  2. Background: The National Coalition ”Life without violence” is a joint platform of 22 organizations and public institutions, service providers working in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence and violence against women. The members of the Coalition provide support and development services for women and children, victims of domestic violence at the community level, including counseling, primary and specialized legal assistance, immediate and long-term psychological assistance, shelter, social and economic support, programs for rehabilitation for victims, as well as programs for perpetrators.

As a Coalition, members of the Coalition participate and contribute to the process of analysis and developing of national legislation, policies and standards, monitor implementation of the legislation by the authorities and conduct awareness raising activities and information campaigns.

The Coalition is a recently established network that is in the process of developing coalition identity and culture, establishing links and partnerships between members based on confidence and common values.  Achieving sustainable change in preventing and combating domestic violence field is an ambitious goal which needs advanced cooperation, pooling of efforts, clear structure and rules, and communication.

IV. Job Objective:

Institutional and functional assessment of the coalition in terms of its adequacy for addressing its stated mission, goals and strategic objectives, including its organizational set-up, procedures, regulations, working methods, efficiency of interaction, cooperation and communication between members, as well as with state and non-state stakeholders, providing recommendations on transformational and sustainable development.

The main documents which will be consulted during the mission are Strategic Plan 2017-2019 and annual Action Plan.

V.  Specific methods and tasks:

  • Desk research of existing information about Coalition and organization members;
  • Consultations with the Board and Coordinator of the Coalition;
  • Surveying/obtaining relevant information/opinions from the members of the Coalition;
  • Surveying/obtaining relevant information/opinions from the members of the Coalition and external stakeholders (authorities concerned, other state and non-state partners);
  • Structured analysis of the findings, specifically addressing organizational set-up, procedures, regulations, working methods, the efficiency of interaction, cooperation, and communication between members and implementation of Strategic Plan;
  • Structured analysis of the findings regarding the collaboration with authorities, other state, and non-state stakeholders.
  • Drafting of the report, presenting to the Coordinator and members of the Coalition and finalizing according to the comments;
  • Conducting a training for the members of the Coalition on challenging findings.

VI. Specific results:

  • Assessment of the current framework of the Coalition (strategic plan and other internal documents);
  • Assessment of the institutional and functional capacities of the Coalition and identifying the gaps;
  • Assessment of the current state of development of the Coalition in terms of efficiency of the communication, level of confidence, partnerships between members (formal and informal ones), convening the right people and leadership, engagement of members and coordination of the activities;
  • Providing the concluding specific observations and recommendations to be taken into consideration for the next life cycle of the Coalition in order to address challenges and risks, to strengthen and amplify the impact of the Coalition and increase the effectiveness of network member’s individual work.

 VII. Outputs:

  • Evaluation Report on further developments of the Coalition including analysis of the implementation of Strategic Plan,
  • Templates for the evaluation of the Coalition and members;
  • Training of the members for addressing selected issues identified by the evaluation.


 VIII. Deliverables and timeline:

  • Desk analysis - 5 WDs (home based), June / July 2018;
  • Expert mission to Moldova - 15 WDs, /July/August 2018;
  • Developing and finalizing the report - 10 WDs August 2018;
  • Presentation the report and training on the specific component of the evaluation report – 3 WDs September 2018.

IX. Inputs: The Coordinator of the National Coalition will provide the expert with the necessary information, materials, and office supplies for the fulfillment of tasks and will facilitate contact with relevant stakeholders.

X. Qualifications for consultants (physical persons or engaged by providers):


  • University Degree in law, project, business or change management, project management, monitoring and evaluation, social sciences or other related areas;
  • Master degree in above-mentioned area would be an asset;
  • Communication background in above-mentioned area would be an asset.

Work Experience (minimum 7 years in total) 

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant comprehensive and in-depth expertise at the national and international level in the functional and organizational analysis of the organizations and coalitions;
  • Experience of working with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, especially with different exponents of civil society;
  • Experience of assessing/organizational consultancy/policy formulation and implementation for the organizations and coalitions working in human rights, especially in gender equality and domestic violence would be an asset;
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of issues related to establishing, developing and advancing the organizations and networks;
  • Experience in working in a multi-cultural environment: cultural, gender, religion, race nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
  • Innovative assessment and training approach, methods and technics would be an asset.


  • Strong strategic, analytical and conceptual thinking, proven written skills,
  • The ability for the detailed and substance-oriented analysis,
  • Ability to communicate efficiently (verbally and in writing),
  • Ability to develop the report and provide clear recommendations and findings;
  • Good drafting skills;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Knowledge of Romanian or Russian language will be an asset.
  • Computer literacy and ability to effectively use IT tools.

Personal qualities:

  • Responsibility, thoroughness;
  • Carefully to details;
  • Flexibility and human-based values.

XI. Recruitment process

National Coalition is committed to achieving workforce diversity with regard to gender, ethnolinguistic background, age, etc. Experts from different minority groups and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

The full application package shall include: Cover Letter, CV, at least one relevant recommendation letters and/or the names and contact details of reference persons and financial offer. Interested candidates should submit their applications in English with the mark “National Coalition Short term expert” by Monday, 18 June 2018, e-mail secretariat.coalitie@gmail.com

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