O oportunitate unica de a participa in SEV pentru 11 luni in Slovacia

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Data limita de aplicare: 22 Ianuarie 2018 

Durata programului : Aug 2018- Iul 2019 

Costurile de cazare, mincare, transport(in limita calculatorului de distante Erasmus +) sunt acoperite din cadrul programului  Erasmus +.

Mai multe detalii referitor la  oportunitatea de a fi voluntar in Slovacia :


5 EVS volunteers are needed to take part in the longterm EVS project named "Zavod O – Kids in Action 4",which will involve 5 local daily centers from the area of Škofja Loka,Slovenia.Despite slight organisational differences they all have common target group,which are children and youth between the age of 6 and 18 years.Volunteers will be included in the work of each daily care center as equal members of their teams and as such they will have an opportunity to show and improve their own abilities,develop sense of initiative,gain new skills and get new knowledge throught organizing and realizing different activities (workshops,courses,individual support,sports,games,plays,presentations,lectures).At the same time they will get familiar with theory of preventing work with youngsters and with social care sistem in Slovenia.Volunteers will also have an opportunity to realize projects within other local partner organizations in order to strengthen their involvement in the local society.



More details about the hosting organisation : Zavod O is an experienced EVS host and coordinating organization. Since 2004 we were involved in 26 projects with 65 different volunteers from 21 different countries. All of them were highly successful thanks to our primal goal. The association is made for the purpose of supporting, organizing and establishing youth activities in the areas of culture, informatics and informational youth service, youth leisure, sport, tourism, voluntary work, international youth activities and publishing and as such is a perfect EVS organization. Through offering a wide range of activities in various areas of interest we promote Voluntary work, active participation and a feeling of responsibility for creating their own environment amongst young people. Our target group develops personal as well as professional skills in interaction with different social groups and through practical experiences. In this process in- and non-formal education are linked with structured learning opportunities like workshops, seminars or lectures. For international as well as local volunteers Zavod O offers a lot of opportunities for structured informal learning. Under qualified guidance and supervision, the volunteers can develop various personal and professional skills. Being open for Voluntary Work, Zavod O  is a valuable promoter of personal engagement and active Citizenship within the local community.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to international@zavodo.org or to evs-tineret@oberliht.org until 22nd of January. 

Serviciul European de Voluntariat este parte a programului Erasmus + finantat de Comisia Europeana. 

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