Oportunitate de voluntariat in Berlin, Germania

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Pentru cei interesati de a participa in Voluntariat pentru un an (1 septembrie 2018- 31 august 2019 ) in Berlin, Germania

Data limita de aplicare este 11.03.2018

Descrierea proiectelor :

  1. Anna Landsberger youth centre is mostly focused on programs for local youth, culture and learning processes. In this youth centre, local youth is coming and spending free time according to their own interests. They also implement initiatives for more quality spending of time and for improving facilities and services in this youth centre. Users of the Youth centre are youngsters in Age from 10 to 27.We implemented many projects in our district which is mostly populated with people and youth with economical difficulties. Our district is hosting refugees in refugee’s camps. There are 2 camps in surrounding of the Anna, each is hosting 500 people and 3 more internship accommodations from which each hosts 300 people. In this number it is a lot of English as well as Arabic, Farsi speaking youngsters which had become target group of “Anna Landsberger” youth centre since they are our new neighbours. The youth centre “Anna Landsberger” lives from active doing of youngsters from district.


  1. The centre is located in pedestrian are of Hellersdorf. It services users are people of all generations and ages from direct neighbourhood, which live in difficult economic circumstances and mostly have social problems. For the users of "Buntes Haus" the intercultural experience is important. We made the experience, which the volunteers enrich the offers of our facility with new, sometimes unconventional ideas. The work is structured in open irregular offers and weekly courses such as: reading club, dancing hour, common (international) cooking, offers in music, arts, sports, Users are mostly kids from 0 - 10 years old and their families, but seniors also. We believe in the exchange of ideas and skills and we are aware that intercultural learning is one of the most valuable experiences in the development of the individual.


  1. A central administrative department of Roter Baum for Berlin. Service is focused at administrative activities of past, current as well as future projects, projects applications development, monitoring of projects reporting of projects, communication with partner organizations, individuals, volunteers as well as other stakeholders, maintenance as well as development of Roter Baum and ORA Network (hosted by Roter Baum) web pages, Facebook pages, linked profile, twitter... Info days are part of regular activities at project as well as support in implementation of international projects and other projects or other Roter Baum departments (inter sectional support).


Pentru cei interesati va rog sa trimiteti CV format Europass si scrisoare de motivare in Engleza la adresa de email evs-tineret@oberliht.org sau catre evs@roter-baum-berlin.de

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