AO Phoenix oferă: Program de voluntariat în Bystrzyca Klodzka, Polonia

Fundacja Euroweek  din Bystrzyca Klodzka, Polonia sunt în căutare de noi voluntari.

AO Phoenix este în căutare de 2 voluntari pentru programul de de voluntariat în Bystrzyca Klodzka, Polonia


Number of Volunteers: 2
Project Dates: 30.09.2017 -30.07.2018. (2,6,10 months)
Project Location: Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland

Topics of the Project: creativity and culture, children and youth, international cooperation
Shortly about the project: Euroweek Program is an international language and leadership camp that aims to develop the English language skills of Polish students through nonformal education. The program focuses on leadership skills, communication, intellectual, and creativity skills through different workshops and team building activities. All activities are conducted in English.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Volunteers:
 To be autonomous in the planning and realizing preventive, educational, creative activities for children and youth;
 To help stuff of the host organization to prepare preventive, educational, creative activities";
 To set his/her own learning tasks and with the help of leaders of the organization and mentor to reach them;
 To realize his/her own activities or project;
 To be responsible!

Working Hours:
The volunteers are expected to leave the house going to work on or before 9:00 am in the morning and stay until the last activity- disco is finished, which is around 10 pm. During the day volunteers will get free time to rest and have meals. each forth day volunteers will have a free day, the idea is to have 2 free days per week. To compancate lack of free time volunteers will have a 8 days holiday for each month.
Selection of Volunteers:
The volunteers are chosen by the CV and the motivation letter, the experience of work with children and young people is always a good point for us. There are not any discrimination in sex, religion or race. Concerning to the sending organization we are open to collaborate with any one who feels interested and motivated to work with this project. The contact with the sending organization is important to us, because we can become partners in different projects and change new ideas.
Practical Arrangments:
Travel, Insurance will be covered from the volunteers.
VISA - Visa will be made if it is necessary.
Accommodation, Food, Allowance - the volunteers will live together with other volunteer in a flat. There will be kitchen, bathroom and toilet. During working days volunteer will eat one of the departmebts in the organisation. Volunteer will recive monthly 720 zloty for pocket money. Mentoring - volunteers will have a mentor. Mentor will get in touch with volunteers before the start of activities. Mentor will help volunteers to integrate in the society, will show the city, shops, places of interests, and the most important will support volunteers during the service - will help to set a learning plan, to evaluate a project, to participate together in on-arrival training, to discuss learning aims with the volunteers and agree on how they will work together to reach the set of goals within the project .

Language learning - during the project volunteers will have an opportunity to learn Polish, which will be necessary for
communication and work in the organization.
Equipment (Internet, phone): Volunteers will have the Internet access ever day in the flat and also in the organization.
If you are interested in the project, please send us your CV and a motivation letter till 10.09.2017.
Contact Person: Hovhannes Sughian
Email Adress:
For more information please visit 
Facebook: Euroweek
Instagram: #euroweek


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