Erasmus+ Youth Info Centre in Moldova announces call for Volunteers

We are happy to announce that Erasmus+ Youth Info Centre in Moldova starts recruitment of volunteers from period of August 01 – December 31, 2017

If you

  • have participated in Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, EVS or other Erasmus+ Youth mobility,
  • want to learn about and share European Values,
  • have interest in promoting Erasmus+ Youth opportunities in Moldova,
  • want to become a part of  EuroPeers Network (young people who have experience under the EU’s youth programme and want to share them with their peers)

then don’t hesitate and join our Volunteers Team in one of these groups:


            The tasks of the group are:

  • designing logos, posters, stickers, brochures
  • printing and preparation of posters, brochures, stickers
  • dissemination of information in social media
  • preparation and dissemination of press releases


            The tasks of the group are:

  • developing events of organization
  • promoting Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme
  • starting initiative and implementing them (developing own ideas, promotional campaigns, etc.)
  • developing events according to the activities of Info Centre


            The tasks of the group are:

  • taking and developing photos of Info Centre events
  • creating movies from activities
  • maintain the digital achieve of Info Centre


What you gain:

  1. Developing leadership skills.
  2. Developing Team working skills.
  3. Participation in international and local projects.
  4. Getting to know Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme.


What you contribute:

  1. Sharing your ideas and starting initiatives.
  2. Friendship, creativity, responsibility.
  3. Personal time.


Fill application form until Deadline: 01 August 2017.


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