Opportunity to participate in the Long Term EVS project in Italy

EVS MilleniuM Italy

"MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute anouncess selection of participants for Lonf term EVS in Italy (1 August 2017 - 31 July 2018) in Torre del Greco, Napoly, Italy, in organization Torre del Giovanni (TdG).

Established in 2014, TdG is a non-profit non-governmental organization in Torre del Greco that focuses mainly on young people and youth leaders. We have different aims for our activities:

  • increasing the activism in social and civic life of children, youth and youth leaders (e.g. by organizing meetings with youth in their schools);
  • encouraging young people to develop their creativity and to build respect to the traditions (e.g. by running training regional center of ”Youth in Action” Program);
  • providing promotion of youth information where we held consultation for young people and for those who are looking information (eg. connected with European funds);
  • provide complex support to youth leaders and youth organizations by information, financial support and trainings.

We generally look for volunteers who are dynamic, creative, sociable, patient and that know what they want to do. Our volunteer want to cooperate with the different target groups of our association: youth organizations and youth (e.g. youth leaders) as well as children (e.g. in kindergartens, schools), scouts or seniors.

Our European volunteers should not be afraid of traveling and have no bad habits. They should be motivated, willing to learn Polish, able to work in a team, be sociable, flexible and creative: we would like to host people with interesting hobbies, with their own ideas and open to different cultures. Strong motivation, willingness to see and to do something new, curiosity about the world and other cultures are welcome.

Selection criteria        

The volunteer needs to be minimum 18 years old, maximum 30 years old, coming from Republic of Moldova.        We are looking for a young, healthy and sportive person who likes to work with seniors, children and youngsters, with positive life attitude and willingness to cooperate. We expect an open attitude, eager to learn new things, sporty and empathic. As the work implies quite some physical work, it may not be suited for people with physical handicaps.

Since one of the main objectives of the project is to offer sport-educative offers, fact that implies high responsibility, the ideal volunteer needs skills, knowledge and experience in the areas of sport and education:

  • knowledge and understanding in a broad range of physical activities, exercise and sport environments (in order of importance: fitness/gym, nordic walking, trekking, swimming, other);
  • capacity to select and prepare appropriate teaching and information materials for different audiences;
  • teaching and communication skills, in order to promote sport education and correct nutrition in an informative, engaging and professional manner;
  • knowledge in Safety and Injury Prevention.

The project will take place in Torre del Ggerco (province of Naples), a context where the condition of young people faces many difficulties: poor educational and employment offers, emigration of young people, increasing of NEET generation, neglect disadvantaged people, lack of political participation. Among young people, a part the political disinterest, there is poor sense of belonging that often degenerates into urban decay and vandalik acts.

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Erasmus + program, the initiative aims to disseminate the opportunities and values that Europe spreads through Erasmus program. In particular, the project aims to disseminate volunteering as a tool for the purpose of: increase active citizenship and the sense of European citizenship; promote a sense of belonging (from which the spontaneous respect for the environment); instrument for social inclusion; effective tool of informal learning.

The main activities will be: support activities for the integration of disadvantaged people (with language and IT courses); actions with schools (actions for environmental protection and informational meetings on the European institutions and their functioning); art workshops in the multi-purpose center and weekly meetings with stake holders on the Erasmus program and opportunities for young people from Europe. 

IF YOU WANT TO APPLY: please send by email to evs@millenium.md, with Subject "Long term EVS in Italy":

       Deadline - 25 July 2017. Only selected person will be contacted.


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