LT EVS under Erasmus + in Sweden

Project: “Staffansgården”

Period : 12 months ( autumn 2017 – summer 2018)

Organizational Information “Staffansgården”

Staffansgården was founded in1975, as part of the international Camphill Movement, and is situated about 300 km north of Stockholm, in Delsbo, Hälsingland. Staffansgården consists of a village where about 30 mentally challenged adults live together in smaller units, each in their own, self-contained, flat. The aim of Staffansgården is to give mentally challenged adults support in their daily life and offer them a meaningful existence. With the help of employed staff, our villagers (as the residents in need of special care are called), live and work in four different places: Staffansgården and Backvägen in Delsbo; Dellengården 13 km away near the North Dellen and Mickelsgården, a farm just two kilometers outside Delsbo. There are several daytime activities and some of the villagers work with things such as gardening, farming (there is a small farm in the village) and in different art workshops, in a bakery, weavery and carpentry/wood workshop. They have also access to several forms of therapy.

The volunteer will work with a few main areas:

  • support the co-workers and villagers in baking and working in the bakery.
  • support the villagers in their work in the wood workshop and the weaver.
  • support the co-workers and villagers in the work at the farm (cultivating, taking care of animals etc.).
  • take care of general tasks in the running of the home unit where they live (contribute to cooking food for the housemates, cleaning common areas etc.).
  • take part in and support activities and projects at Staffansgården (e.g. sports activities, cultural events etc.).
  • give support to villagers depending on their needs.
  • optional and if possible: run own projects, depending on interest and background, such as a volunteer-café or improving the communicational performance of Staffansgården (homepage, web shop etc.).
Day Activities
  1. support in the bakery workshop (e. g. preparing the cakes, breads and cookies along with staff and villagers);
  2. support in the farm (e. g. growing, maintaining the crops and harvesting from the farm, taking care of the animals).
  1. support in the wood workshop (e. g. helping the villagers in their daily production of wood work, painting and developing new handicraft for sale in fairs);
  2. Swedish class.
  1. support in the bakery workshop (see above);
  2. taking part in sport and cultural activities with the villagers (e. g. football tournaments).
  1. working with household chores in the common areas in the house;
  2. helping to prepare dinner for the other people who live in the house.
  1. support in the weaving workshop (e. g. creating rugs and scarfs as well as helping the staff with the villagers and their production);
  2. participating (free) or helping out to organise the weekly cultural afternoon.

If the volunteer has previous experience, interest or ideas and would like to organise activities or do projects in Staffansgården, the ideas are welcome and (if feasible) will be supported and the volunteer will be able to work on this.

All the costs for accommodation and transport are covered by the project as well for pocket money.

Profile of Volunteer

  • Having interest in intercultural exchange;
  • The age between 18-30 years;
  • Do not have any criminal file.

Further information you can find at the following link:

How to apply

To apply for EVS vacancy send your CV and Motivation letter to: With the subject: “Staffansgården”. Potential candidates will be invited for an interview.

Deadline for volunteers’ applications: the 20th of May 2017.


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